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Sven Reikkinen Junior Review


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Defender - Sven Reikkinen

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Age: 22

Height: 6'2

Weight: 213lb

Position: Defenceman

Style: Offensive Defenceman

Favorite NHL Player: Victor Hedman

Favorite VHL Player: Daniel Braxton

Favorite VHL Team: Helsinki Titans



The Story


Little was known about the career history and playing time of Sven Reikkinen before his declaration to be a S78 VHL draftee. However upon hearing that the young man would be spending his time in the VHL, and that he was also a cousin of VHL HoF superstar Tukka Reikkinen; scouts began to take interest. Thus the digging began. Sven grew up in his hometown of Helsinki Finland with a relatively normal and happy childhood. However his childhood did have one note unusual to most future hockey players, he did not seem to play hockey. There was no regular evidence of him playing in local hockey games, nor was he enrolled in any sort of youth hockey program. There was a few instances of the Finn showing his hockey prowess at the odd local arena, but his interest in the sport was largely kept out of the public perception. This was mostly in part because of Svens stoic professionalism about his interest and training in the sport. It lead many to believe that Sven wasn't in fact a hockey player at all, and that he had no interest in the game whatsoever. That couldn't of been further from the truth.

For his entire childhood and young adult life Sven was privately engaged in a hockey program specialized for players who wish to join the VHL. This hockey program is very private, it is also run by some of the VHL's most notable names and faces. Once Sven expressed interest in one day joining the VHL at the age of 6, arrangements were made for him to begin private tutoring and mentorship. While no formal league is in place for this training program, they do regularly run tournaments after scouring the globe for former VHL players to use. The teams for these tournaments are usually formed via country for format. Sven competed in these tournaments even while he was a youth, sometimes holding his own against competition that handily outclassed him. It will be interesting to see if his limited experience in an overall team environment, as well as a more individualized youth training approach impacts his ability to fit and grow well in the league. 


Sven will be joining the Saskatoon Wild for his first taste of VHLM action as the rest of S76 concludes. Thankfully the Wild are in a unlikely spot for the playoffs so the roster spot should be an opportunity for Sven to grow, and earn some much needed game experience. 

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