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Junior Review: Hard Markinson


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Hard Markinson


Is this the first time you've heard my name? Well I suppose I could tell you anything about my past. I could tell you that I'm a hardened criminal with a very questionable past. I could tell you that I've fought off a legendary train snake in the middle of a post-apocolyptic New York City. I could even tell you I'm a made-up fictional character who gets thrown into different imaginary situations every winter holiday. That would be too unbelievable, so why don't I just tell you what you want to hear; I'm Hard Markinson and I'm the newest junior recruit to the VHLM.


This "review" is very awkward. I haven't even played a professional game, and I need to tell you how adequate I am, and why I belong here. It's much like a self-appraisal; do you come across as too cocky or weak without any self-belief. I know the kind of person I am, and I know ultimately the passion I have for the game. I hope that transaltes into talent, and I hope that I can meet expectations. I've been blessed with good balance and a tough mindset. I've been able to transition that into being a steady hockey player who loves to play every night. I have the drive to be a champion and that is my ultimate goal. It is my goal as a VHLM player, and it is a future goal as a VHL player. I know that I can bring an edge to the game that can help my team. I can drive play forward, and bring a team together. 


I've been a part of the US National Development team for the past two years. I've works along closely with trainers developing my game with USA Hockey. Growing up I watched Jake Wylde in the VHL after he decided to play here instead of the NHL. I've tailored my game after him, and it made it an easily decision to join the STZ Player Agency. It's the same agency that worked with both Wylde and Benny Graves who were graduates of the USA National Team Program. Ontop of that they've represented many other great hockey players in the VHL. 


I always find it funny when I read VHL or NHL comparables. When you look back on a player after their career is over, those comparisons really don't matter. Those comparisons are only for those people too lazy to look and scout for themselves. I model my game after my favorite players, but also I have tuned my game to what my body and mind can handle. I'm a physical defender. I'm willing to fight. I hold my teammates accountable. I have high expectations for myself. I am working on my foot speed and my accuracy. Those are the cliff-notes, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter what I write; it only matters what I do on the ice.


Next week I begin my professional career with the Mexico City Kings. I'm thrilled to join an organization that is ready to win now, with a very strong, talented, and tight-knit group. I believe this is the best place to showcase my talent to position myself as a top pick in the VHLM Draft.

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