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Junior Review - Caleb Gaudette


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Caleb Gaudette grew up with a former VHLer as his father Blake Gaudette. Caleb started playing hockey back when his father first moved to Halifax. Caleb first started properly training at the age of five to join try and get himself to follow in his father's legendary footsteps. 



Blake continued to train eight hours a day in order to stay in shape and become one of the top triple A players in the country. In his sophomore season he was able to score fifty one goals, seventy one assists for a grand total of one hundred and twenty two  points and was named the top forward in Canada at the triple A level. Caleb would soon have to move to Malmo with his father when he was drafted into the VHLM. This put severe stress onto Caleb as he had to adapted to playing in Sweden along with learning how to speak Swedish. This put a severe stoppage to his VHL dreams.



After studying in Sweden for a grand total of four months him and his father agreed on sending Caleb back to Halifax to work on his game practicing with his father's former team the Halifax 21st. Caleb would then work with them until he finished high school and he continued to get better year by year. In his senior season he finished with a grand total of ninety seven goals and two hundred and eleven points.



Caleb then took a year off to work on his game overseas to the United Kingdom with former VHL players. This training made plenty of VHLM teams to notice him including the Saskatoon Wild, San Diego Marlins and the Miami Marauders. But Caleb did not know where he wanted to go yet and decided to go off for a little bit to talk to his father Blake on where he should play.



Blake was amazed Halifax did not offer his son a spot on Halifax but he realized he also didn't sign with Halifax in his first few games in the VHLM and realized it was actually a blessing. Caleb then decided he would wait a little bit extra to work on getting his playing abilities up.  



After hours of thought Caleb decided to join the Saskatoon Wild for the remainder of this VHLM season to raise his draft stock and hopefully be a first round pick in the upcoming VHLM draft. 

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