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Gucci, Stars Look Ahead To Fresh Start

- Los Angeles, CA


"It's just been draining," Gucci explains to a reporter.  "This is a young team, we've had to go through the steps of becoming a better team.  Mentally and emotionally, it just takes a toll.  We look forward to a fresh start next year with our heads on right, to show the VHL how much better we've become."  While remaining bottom dwellers in the North American Conference for the better half of the season, young players like Gucci have grown by leaps and bounds...  it just might not show up on the stat sheet.  "I'm happy with the progress we've made as a team.  There are a lot of big things to look forward to.  General Manager Josh has drafted really well and put a lot of good pieces in play for the next few seasons," Its finished.


With just over 400 practice hours logged since joining the league, Gucci has really benefited from an advanced shot that has impressed his peers.  Hardly something to hang his hat on, his play on the defensive end leaves a lot to be desired.  "Just trying to acclimate myself to the faster, stronger players in this league, I find myself on the losing end of a loose puck far too often.  My plus-minus (-19) is not where I want it to be.  Additionally, I would hope that my passing improves this off-season.  As a center, I overall just need to shore up other parts of my game," Gucci further lamented.

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