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Extraordinary General Managing


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What happens when you inherit a team that doesn't have much going for it? You innovate.

Thadius Sales ( @thadthrasher) is doing that and much more. Getting handed a team with a measly one Draft pick and

most of the stars of the team moving to the Majors is hard. He seems to be handling it spectacularly!


When most of your team moves up and you're left without much of anything, you have to look for rising players.

Thad has found himself an interesting group of young players and it seems to be working.The team might

not be getting a lot of wins this season, but next season? Watch out! With rising starts like

Aldwin Craig ( @Eldredman) and The Lochness Monster ( @LuluSalesAway) on his team, The

San Diego Marlins are going to make a mark.


There's reason to think that The Lochness Monster is going to be a major threat to the other teams that

The Marlins will be playing next season. Not only is she a great defender, but she is at the top of the team

with goals! That's overly impressive for a deffenseman. Seeing what she can do on the ice is an inspiration

to her other teammates.


Thadius Sales is a remarkable GM for The San Diego Marlins and the whole team loves him.

He's tough when he needs to be, smart, innovative and down right the best man for the job.

Thad's name is already all over the VHL, and will continue to be long after he ever decides to step down.


We applaud you Sales!

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