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Maybe even an award


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 I gotta say, I never saw this coming. And when I say this, I mean this:




                  My boy Zetterstrom is first in rookie scoring with 65 points in 61 games. It's the first time he's been point per game in anything since he joined the VHL, and I am flabbergasted. He is supposed to be a defensive defenceman. My highest attribute is defense, and it's not close. I even fell off the blocked shots leaderboard about midway through the season. I would even say I care more about that stat than I do about points! But who am I to complain. I'm getting ice time by the metric ton and a lot of really good rookies aren't. It's not uncommon to see a VHLM graduate be really slow developing into a top scorer in the VHL. Hell, Cabe McJake, the golden example of what a rookie should be, is trailing me in points. It doesn't make much sense.

            I was expecting the ice time, and the points, to ease off once veteran newcomers Guy Sasakamoose and Oskar Lagesson started eating into it. But no. Instead, my points have skyrocketed. Although that might be from chemistry, as Zetterstrom seems to be meshing really well with his defense partner, Lagesson. Either way, it's still a bit shocking considering that Red Lite is behind me in points. Lite also has pretty decent ice time conditions, and gets to play with the likes of Gary Rush and Rhynex Entertainment. I have a feeling he'll take the throne back soon, but as they say, enjoy it while it lasts.

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