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Pietro's Breakout - S76 Games 494 & 500


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3rd Year Players in the VHL are looking to bump things up a notch and get noticed. Pietro Angellini has been campaigning for acknowledgement during S76. Posting career best numbers and flirting with Point-Per-Game status (55P [29G, 26A in 63 Games Played), Pietro is fired up and looking to make a name for himself in the Big League. 


It was a cold week in February with the Moscow Menace visiting Helsinki and coming home for a match against the New York Americans at home in the Motherland. Pietro had been chippy in his last few games, trying to find the back of the net but not burying his chances. That would change in Game 494 vs the New York Americans. In a first period that saw 7 total goals by both teams, Pietro lit the lamp at 7:09 on the Power Play from sweet, sweet apples donated by Liam Flaten @flatl99and breakout defenseman Fat Palloon @UnkemptCL4PTP. Pietro wasn't done: finding the net again at 9:30 and again at 16:17 in the 1st Period supported by helpers from Ricer @Ricer13, Jay Jones @TTtheT, and Newhook @GrittyIsKing09. Pietro then returned the favor dishing an apple to Ricer in the 2nd Period at 9:40. Angellini ended up with 4 Points (3G, 1A), 8 Shots, adding 1 hit and 1 block along the way. A huge game for Pietro, he was feeling it and looking for more.


In the next Matchup, the Menace travelled to Helsinki to face off against their recent post-season rival, the Titans. This one was a tighter matchup. With only 2 goals total for the game, the Menace were victorious. Pietro did everything he could to help, finding Ricer via Letang @Spartanon a nice set-up, and scoring his own 39 seconds later by way of Newhook and Liam Flaten once again.


Pietro was riding high and we caught up with him after the 2-0 win in Helsinki:


Interviewer: "Wow. Just wow. The Menace were looking fierce tonight. What do you think you guys have been doing to draw so much success lately?"


PA: "We just move pucks to the net. We keep the play in front of us and make sure we help out our boy Tonner @MexicanCow123. Did you guys see him out there today?! STANDING ON HIS HEAD!"


Interviewer: "Unbelievable. Moscow looks to be in stride. From solid Goaltending to punishing offense, everything looks to be coming together. Pietro, you have 6 points in the last 2 games. To what do you owe the uptick in your offense?"


PA: "It all comes from my teammates. We are a tight unit. Ricer came on this offseason and jumped right in to the mix. He has been great. I think I have developed some chemistry with Colesy and having our solid blueliners back behind the forwards makes everything easy. I just play my role and hope to do what I can to help the team."


Interviewer: "Whatever may be the recipe, it is surely working wonders. How do you keep things going?"

PA: "We have our GM @Victorto thank. He keeps the lines fresh and shakes things up if we get complacent. We just need to maintain what we are doing. FORECHECK, BACK CHECK, PAYCHECK, BAYBAY!!!"



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