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(S78) D - Drakon Zabastovka, TPE: 77


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5 minutes ago, DarkSpyro said:

Player Information

Username: DarkSpyro

Player Name: Drakon Zabastovka

Recruited From: Returning

Age: 27

Position: D

Height: 71 in.

Weight: 173 lbs.

Birthplace: Russia


Player Page



Hey Spyro welcome back to the M!

If you’re not joining Ottawa it would be amazing if you could comeback to Mississauga. We’re just out of a playoff spot and a player like yourself could really help us make that last push to get their. Quote this with #M-Pack if your interested. I hope you’ll join us and best of luck to your new player.

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Hi @DarkSpyro!


Excited to see you recreating! I would love to have you come join the fun in Miami for the rest of the season. Defensive minutes are pretty competitive and you’ll be getting lots of them as we try to make some noise in the playoffs! Tallinder has already joined in on the fun in Miami and I’d love to see you guys reunited even if for only a short time!


If Miami is where you want to finish out this season quote this offer and announce that “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” and we will make it official. 

Good luck no matter where you decide to go! 


Miami Marauders GM

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