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Cody Lachance - Road to the VHL


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<< Lot of changes for me, just ended my junior career. After a combine where I showed to the scouts what I can do on the ice, I got the call from the Philadelphia Reapers, he offered me a tryout for the remaining of the season. This league works differently than the others, I will have a tryout with this team until the end of the season/playoff. After that, I will be available for the VHLM draft. I like this, it gives me the opportunity to prove myself to this league. This should be interesting, I should play some decent minutes around the second or third line with another rookie that just joined. Like I said, I take this opportunity as a challenge, I want to prove that I can play in this league and even further in the VHL. Indeed, there is a lot of hockey to play If I want to achieve that, but I embrace this challenge. I see myself as a playmaking center, I'm pretty sure I can be valuable to this team even with my low to none experience. I want to thank my family for the support, all my coaches and all my teammates, you guys are a part of the reason why I'm here. All I can do now, is work my ass off both on and off the ice, and hope for the best, go Reapers.>> 


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<< Even tho it was not a complete season for me in the VHLM, I feel like this was a great learning experience for me as a player. I got the chance to play against some very good prospect, and i got my ass beaten quite few times. Fortunately, I'm learning very fast, this game is getting slower and slower every game. This off-season, I will work on my skating and my defense, I think in this league, if you want to have success, you need to play on both side of the ice and that's what I will do. I need to prepare myself mentaly and physically for the upcoming VHLM. I hope there is a team out there that will take a chance on me. I feel like I still have so much to prove, and the VHLM is another step closer to my dream, the VHL. The road is still a long one, but I'm confident that one day, ill be in the pros. I also want to thank Philly, they gave me a chance in a try out, to see what I can do. They also gave me playoff experience, which is crucial in this league. This tryout was really helpfull, it helped me, to see if I can be and if I can perform in this league. >> 


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