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The Journey of Druss Deathwalker


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The Journey of Druss Deathwalker


I never looked to be a hockey player but this is my story. And it's not just a hockey story - it's a story about finding a place to belong. After fighting many battles and suffering personal loss during the first 25 years of my life, I headed into the northern mountains looking for solitude and a place to clear my head. I reflected on my childhood and my life thus far. Born the son of poor but proud parents in a forest village and growing to be a strapping young lad, I naturally was trained to be a woodcutter like my father and became very proficient with the axe. I seldom found a tree or any other creature natural, or otherwise for that matter, that could withstand the swinging blows of my double blades. Adventures, I have had those aplenty! But so, too, have come the sorrows - more than one my age should have to bear. Yet, an easy road, full of fame and riches, that is not how my life was destined to be I suppose. Rarely does one who wields an axe such as mine get to travel the easy roads of life. 


After months of the lone alpine life, I began to have the itch for action again. But I was not seeking war or violence, as in the past, and felt that sport would be much better suited for this time in my life. Plus, I did not relish the thought of spending a winter alone in the mountains. I journeyed from the craggy peaks, into some highlands, and finally down to the rugged coastlines and lush glens of a town called Aberdeen. I liked Aberdeen immediately. It is small but bustling with all sorts of activity. Most of its structures are built from granite giving the town a grey, hewn-from-the-mountains appearance which made me miss where I had come from less. I asked the villagers for a sport that was fast and physical and one gusty lad led me to the home of the Aberdeen Lynx - an ice hockey team. Now, I’ve never played the game but I went into the arena and saw the Lynx going through a practice. I was enthralled. The players looked like they were skimming across the ice, hitting a small black disc (which I learned was a puck) with curved sticks, and hitting each other! I knew this was something I wanted to try. 



Old Aberdeen in Scotland


After making a few inquiries, I found the coach, offered him my hand and said, “Aye, Coach! My name is Druss Deathwalker and I wanna try out for your hockey team!” His eyes widened and then winced as he freed his hand from my grasp. Rubbing his hand, his eyes grew wide again and a grin slowly spread across his face as he looked up at my huge frame standing almost 20 hands and weighing nearly 18 stone.



Aberdeen Lynx logo


“Well met, Druss,” he said. “Have ye ever played hockey before, lad?


I shrugged, “I confess I haven’t. But I’m very powerful and I’d like to try.”


He still grinned, nodding his head thoughtfully. “And well you should,” he replied. “I ken we have one roster spot left and we donna have a lot of size on our team, the Lynx, but you’ll fit the bill nicely, ifin ye can skate.”

“Bring me some skates and I’ll learn!” I boomed.


And they did just that. My story of that season continues here.

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