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Leo "Are You Winnin' " Watson - London United's Vtuber


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Now, we're back to the Emi makes team's vtubers series. Usually i just post the image and a little slogan. However, i'm not entirely happy with this one. So i thought i'd explain more about them via writing.


Leo Watson is a detective who tries to keep the mean streets of london safe. when they're not being a detective they're supporting their local sports team London United.


Leo is someone who hardly sleeps due to always been up after drinking way too much tea and only eats strawberry jam from the jar like a bear. Leo's is classed as one of the greats for the British Empire but they're constantly trying to foil the efforts of Brynhilda who's always trying to cause mischief whenever she's in town.




So, yeah he's a little write up. as i go forward with these i have decided i will try to connect them all together in some small world that i'm still undecided on what the purpose of is. I think that i can have fun with making Leo being a detective to solve the case of the Phantom's or Nighthawk's eventual vtuber.

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