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Career of Guy Sasakamoose


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Heyo CX! The beard is looking slick 👀 I really like the background you use, as I love geometric backgrounds so to me it makes it enticing to see, as well as the jersey and logo swaps are done really cleanly. The concept of having three similar renders of the same player but still all three being unique (especially the one on the left having a completely different jersey type) is well executed! I don't have much gripes or critism with this as it's a well done graphic, maybe for the middle render being in a different pose to make it stand out a bit more, but that's more an idea than anything. I'd give this a solid 8.5/10, as it's a great signature graphic!

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Review: This is a great graphic. The orange and red background is cool and the simple white font over top looks really nice. I appreciate the time you must have taken to logo swap all those images. I think maybe the middle player would look a bit better with a recolor on his shoulders so they match the Riga logo, but besides that I like it alot. Great job 8/10

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