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Bears Den - Restaurant - #6


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The season is quickly coming to an end with most teams having 7 or less games remaining on their schedules. The Seattle Bears have played well this season and have even turned up the heat a little bit lately. The fans new it was going to be a bit different of a season and the organization warned them ahead of time that things were going to be this way as they entered a retool to hopefully keep the wheels in motion for seasons to come. Along with the VHL's Seattle Bears team retooling, they owners group also decided that by the end of the season they were going to want to retool the franchise a little bit and with that is going to come a lot of huge news. At this moment, they can't release too much news but have come forward with some quick snap announcements and some teasers for the rest.


  • Effective immediately, the team has hired @Hex Universe as the the brands official recipe man. His work with VSN and throughout the league was strong. He's impressed many and the Bears want to keep this going. His man task will be writing a Bears Den recipe book which will hit market POSSIBLY in 2021.
  • The Seattle Bears organization are wanting to get into the game market. Will it be console? Will it be phone? How is it connected to the Bears Den? 
  • The home of amazing food, The Bears Den, is looking to continue to expand on their menu's and recipes. At this moment, they're really looking into some fun drink ideas and dessert ideas. In the near future, you can likely expect these couple menu items to hit the tasty market established by the Bears organization.


With those quick pieces being said, The Bears Den have some exciting news regarding our latest food item being added to the menu. We've given this food tons of thought (have we?) and know that are amazing fan base that is quickly spreading throughout the entire world for our amazing food will love this item an incredible amount. We know it's going to be a favorite every time people come into our places to enjoy a bite to east.





I'm not sure what's bigger - that picture, the new or the wicked taste of bubble gum and ice cream you get in each scoop? What's the secret behind this ice cream? A couple of things. The first being that we only use the finest, freshest and organic ice cream that comes straight from our prized milk machine animals. They've been raised on the finest foods, in the finest areas that we cannot disclose and are treated amazingly. The second one is about the gum balls. @JigglyGumballsand The Bears Den have been working on this project for quite some time now and while we'd like to tell you absolutely everything, there's only so much we can say. Take Krusty Krabs recipes, it's a bit like that. What we can say is that we got to work with JIGG's when we first got TBD off the ground on opening day. We wanted to research a tree that would be able to grow the finest gum balls like an orange, peach or apple tree. After extensive research, school research grants and funding, and a crazy amount of time looking under microscopes.. we have officially created a gum ball tree. Better news is that we've cloned the tree and have these 3 trees hidden someone in an underground solar lab in Greenland. All of this and more is what makes our Jiggly Gumball ice cream the best in the entire world. 

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