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Where do we go now?


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:tor:Where do you go now?:tor:


After a flurry of moves just a handful of games into Season Seventy-Six that saw the Toronto Legion move out the two best players on the roster, one can now start to look forward to see what is up next for the Legion. Currently the Legion haven’t been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, so first we will start there.


Seven Points Out:

After today’s three wins, the Legion currently have a 26-33-8 record, good enough for sixty points in sixty-seven games. They are currently chasing the Calgary Wranglers for a wildcard playoff position, a race they are currently seven points behind. Calgary does have a pretty tough schedule ahead of them with Moscow twice, D.C, Seattle and Malmo. Four of those five games are against current VHL teams in a playoff position, with only Malmo currently on the outside looking in, but a very slight margin we may add. Toronto doesn’t have it any easier in the last five regular season games either, as they will face, Moscow twice, New York, Helsinki and Seattle. Like Calgary, Toronto will only face one club outside the playoffs currently, that being the Americans who are two points behind Toronto, nine points out of the last playoff position.


If the team doesn’t catch Calgary for the last playoff position, which wouldn’t surprise many around the league with the gap with only five games remaining, the Legion will then turn their attention then to the off-season. If the team misses the post-season, they unfortunately don’t own their first round pick to reap those rewards of missing the post-season. They do however hold the London United’s’ First Round pick in the Season Seventy-Seven VHL Entry Draft, one that might be around the same selection if they did in fact own their rights to their own pick. London is currently in seventh place in the European Conference, although they are only four points out of the wildcard playoff position, currently held by the Riga Reign. There is a lot let in play before the final draft standings will be finalized, including the draft lottery tournament and subsequent draft lottery, but the main consensus around the league is that the Legion will be looking at forward no matter the position their ball lands in the lottery. With possibly only 5-7 prospects ready to make the jump right now to the VHL, the Legion are no doubt hoping for some lottery luck in a few weeks.


Remainder of the Off-Season:

Last season on the sixth day of the VHL off-season free agency opened at 12:00PM EST. This will be another big day for the Legion, who are on the very cusp of moving from pretender to contender. The Legion went through some changes as quickly mentioned at the beginning of the article, ones that were done to better the culture of the team. From an insider standpoint, I enjoy being in the locker-room and find it to be the right amount of active, and hopefully others around the league are intrigued by our culture and desire to win. Hopefully with the open door policy the Legion manager has along with the stable of young exciting players in the stable, free agents will be able to see the Legion locker-room with the positive attitudes and vibes it brings along.


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