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Feeling Out of Rhythm


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Side note: Yeah there's no LVA progress report this season. Need new material rather than the same stuff every season.




Los Angeles, California

With the VHL heading into the tail end of its 76th season, the LA Stars once again find themselves out of a playoff picture. Earlier this season, LA had displayed a fair amount of hope and was at one point within reach of a playoff berth. However, as the season went on, and especially after a rather rough back half, LA has now once again found themselves near the bottom of the league in standings. Davos being the only team between them and last place. So what happened? How did this team go from potentially making the playoffs to being relegated back to the basement? Well the best way to describe how they've played can be best represented by their own defenseman Jiggly Gumballs.


Gumballs in the last ten games has only amassed six points. With five of them being assists. One might find this pretty good production coming from a defenseman. However, considering that Gumballs is the team's highest TPA defenseman and this being his 3rd season in the VHL, one might assume that he would make a much bigger impact. Especially in terms of setting an example with his fellow teammates. His point production as of late is quite similar to his production from the entirety of last season. And although Gumballs has once again broken personal offensive records, the lack of production and more so the inability to step up as a player is very representative of LA as a whole. Surely they would have the talent to make the playoffs. With forwards like Jeffrey Pines, Pistil Stamen, veteran Markus Nygren, and new acquisition John Merrick all key contributors to the offense, the aforementioned Gumballs and rookie Hulk Hogan Jr on defense, and goaltender Doug Dimmadome on the back end. All of these players have the potential to contribute to a playoff berth on paper and yet nothing comes to fruition. Maybe things are just taking time in LA. Something seems to be brewing, and like a slow roast, more time is needed for things to be perfect. Though with the veteran Nygren announcing his retirement at the end of the season. We shall see whether this team takes it to the next step.


Gumballs was asked to do a post game interview regarding his recent production. He described his recent production as "just not being in his game." Making an analogy with music and being out of rhythm.


"Yeah I'm not proud of it either. I should be better but... It's like things just aren't clicking for me. Y'know that situation where you make a band with your friends and you become the drummer? And then you all go to that one guys' house to practice in their garage right? You start playing and you realize that you are way out of sync with the music and your bandmates. Like you're playing the beats either too fast or too slow, you're out here hitting the cymbals too many times so it becomes almost nonsensical. Well that's basically how I'm playing right now. Just out of rhythm. Maybe I just need a metronome and get back in beat. Hopefully that'll come soon."


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