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Houston Bulls Claim the Prime Minister's Cup!

Hex Universe

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HOUSTON, TEXAS - Today, the Houston Bulls clinched the top seed in the VHLM and thus winning the Prime Minister's Cup for the second time in franchise history! The only other time the Bulls got the top seed was back in S68 after earning 110 points in the season. This S76 team, however, has already earned 115 points with five more games remaining in the regular season.
Of course, much of this can be attested to the most talked-about First Round in the VHLM Draft in a long time. Players like Duncan Idaho, Paul Atreides, Asher, and Reylynn Reinhart and so many others have contributed some of the highest caliber play ever witnessed in the VHLM. Many of them I'll be very excited to see hopefully play in the WJC this upcoming offseason.
At the time of writing this, nine players on the roster are fully 250 TPA capped! GM @rjfryman has put in insane work to get this team into the shape that it's in. His wheeling and dealing at the draft was a sight to behold and honestly the highlight of both drafts. Of course, the man goal for the Bulls was never just the top seed, they are doing this for the Founder's Cup. I'm sure anything less than a Founder's Cup Finals win would be an absolute disappointment from this team.

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