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Seabass Retired, but say hello to my new player.


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Good morning VHL! I have returned! 


As some of you members may know, I took a one season breather from the VHL after the end of Seabass Perrin's career in order to focus more on what was going on in my life and I was  just burnt out and needed to recharge mentally after a really stressful holiday season.  I however promised a few of my friends here that I would be back come the trade deadline of S76, so here I am. I missed you guys and the VHL while I was gone and I'm just really happy to be back here to introduce my new player The Seabasstard. 


Now as I left the VHL back in S74 I didn't post any statements regarding Seabass Perrin's retirement. I wanted to make a Point Task out of it but I didn't exactly have another player made to claim it and I was still fresh off a disappointing last season where me and my team, the Prague Phantoms failed to make to playoffs. Seabass was my first serious player here so I feel like he deserves some kind of sendoff in some way. So expect me to put out a Media Spot this week to summarize Seabass' career. 

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