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Tucker In The Minors, Part 4: Future In Vanny?


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Well, a season draws to its end, and so does Henry Tucker’s VHLM career. A breakout year this year, helped by shooting up to 15th in TPE for S76 VHL drafted players (he was drafted 26th), has punched his ticket to the majors by reaching 250 TPE and then some, as he is currently about to be at 286 TPE. He has big plans for the 36 TPE, as he’s gonna improve his DI from 43 to 70. He currently has 99 PIM, one of the top totals for 250 TPE players in the league. Also, his max earning spree has propelled him to #4 in Minnesota’s draft class, and he’s the #1 prospect. He is still encouraging @Trunkxolotl to earn, as he just needs 21 more TPE to be eligible for playing in the majors next season. Tucker had this to say about Tater Tot.


”He’s real solid back there in Minnesota, we wouldn’t be in first place if we didn’t have him. That 2.88 GAA is just real solid, and as a team, we couldn’t ask for more. In Vanny, he’s just been rockin’ the TPE, to think that he’s gonna be the goalie of the future is just super exciting. I cannot wait to see how he does up there, Y’know, and he’s been a hell of a 42nd pick, if I’m honest.”


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