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Cardi B is the modern Whitney Houston


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I have scored 34 goals in 67 games. That is a career-high total! Last year I scored 31 in 72 games, which was the best until now. Someone could say that hitting 40 is also a possibility, but six goals in five games might be too much. Do you know what might not be too much? Collecting 11 hits in those five games. If I manage to do that, I would reach the magical 300 hit milestone for the first time in my career. I have chased that number every single season, but the best was last year's 275 hits in 72 games.


Despite the few interesting personal milestones, the main point of interest has been Seattle and making the playoffs. We made the main event some sims ago already, which was nice. Before the season started, we knew that the roster has plenty of talent and skill in it, but the roster also went through a fair number of changes during the off-season, so making it into the playoffs was something that would happen only if everybody kept working hard. I think we have managed to do that and here is the reward - playoff action.




The teams Seattle is going to play against in the playoffs are all good, so in that sense, it does not matter too much who we play against first. Chicago looks like a favorite to reach the finals from the North-American side as they are only three points from hitting 100 points. They have scored the most goals in NA, they are a dangerous team.


Vancouver is at 88 points, which is a pretty nice total as well. Vancouver has scored 20 goals less than Chicago, so they can also put the puck into the net. D.C Dragons are two points above Seattle in the standings, D.C has the third-best powerplay in the league, a tough team to play against potentially as Seattle likes to hit and the Bears PK is around league average.


Who is the last team to make the playoffs in the NA division? Calgary is at 67 points, seven points behind them are Toronto. Two points behind Toronto is New York. When looking at it right now Calgary is obviously the favorite, a seven-point lead when there are only five games left is a solid lead. Toronto and New York can't drop any points and they more than likely need Calgary in return to start losing every game.





As mentioned, it does not matter too much for us here in Seattle who we play against first. We are ready to roll, our focus the whole year has been the playoffs. We have no pressure to play anything else than our own game, our mission is to ruin it for the other teams. You could call it an underdog position of some kind, but it's the perfect position for us as we have no pressure. We are going to take it one game at a time and see where that takes us.

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