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Bob the Marlin comes to San Diego?


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Introducing Billy the Marlin's brother, Bob!

Is there a possibility that San Diego Marlins are going to be gaining a mascot? It's looking like it might become a reality in the near future.



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According to The Miami Herald, the man who plays Billy the Marlin was let go from the team during a string of firings. It was rumored that he has been contacting other teams in order to pick up his mantle as a favorite mascot. Reports are claiming that he has contacted San Diego to bring Billy's brother to life as Bob the Marlin.



The team would have to purchase rights from Miami to use the same suit, but more than likely we could be seeing a different look to Bob the Marlin. The fact that Billy is a baseball team mascot and Bob would be a hockey team mascot could work in San Diego's favor.



The General Manager of The Marlins, Thadius Sales, gave no comments towards his plans. An undisclosed source did say "We are exploring every angle before making a final decision, but it looks bright for Bob the Marlin.


The man inside the suit


Image result for marlin mascot costume



Upon taking to the individual who would be taking up the mantel as San Diego Marlins' mascot Bob the Marlin, he was very admit about not having his name revealed. Even when he was fired from The Miami Marlins, he never had his name shown in the press and wanted to keep it that way. "To the kids, I'm not a person. I'm a beloved character. They deserve to keep the dreams alive."


The man who previously played Billy the Marlin has portrayed the beloved character since the Miami Marlins inaugural season in 1993. That's a long time to be inside a characters head. Even though the reason behind the teams decision to let him go has not been announced, he would make an exceptional addition to San Diego's organization. With the teams not so great season, the fans could use a great mascot to bring moral up and even boost profits to help the team improve equipment.


Player Testimonials


We were able to get a hold of a couple team members and got their thoughts on the possibility of a team mascot.


Interviewer : What is your thoughts on a possible team mascot, Bob the Marlin?

The Lockness monster ( @LuluSalesAway) : Why is his name Bob? What is his backstory? No more questions. Thank you.


Interviewer : Do you think that having a team mascot would bring in more revenue for the team?

Aldwin Craig ( @Eldredman) : I believe it would! A mascot would definitely make the fans happier during this down season and among other seasons. A happy fan base buys more things.


Interviewer : Do you believe that having a mascot would boost team and or fan morals?

David Tavau ( @Ahma) : No Comment.


Interviewer : Do you think that The San Diego Marlins needs a mascot?

Spartak Nazaretyan ( @Rhode) : Hmm, I would think so. I mean, every team has a mascot.


Interviewer : What do you think of the name - Bob the Marlin?

Darcy Cat ( @Tropicalfire) : I love it! Like the Miami Marlins mascot.


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