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Uncaffinated Riley


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So as you all know, Riley Couture cannot start a match without drinking a can of monster energy. She would be too tired without her caffeinated boost to get her going. Well, this has unfortunately been proven to not just be a theory as this came into reality in her last game. Riley had slept in before her match, and having woken up late she ran to catch her boat ride to the Calgary match, still wearing her pajamas, carrying a sports bag with a change of clothes inside. On the boat ride, Riley kept yawing and she was struggling to keep herself awake. She realized on her way there that she hadn't picked up her can of monster on the way out of her house and she screamed. How was she gonna make it through the game without the drink? When she finally got out onto the ice for her match, she just fell asleep on the spot and lied in the middle of the ice dreaming. Her teammates had to carry her off to the side and one of the backup players took her place for that match. Her coach said she can never go on the ice without drinking caffeine again.

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