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Zarek Kaczka's Junior Review


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Ooh boy here we go, Zarek Kaczka's junior review. Anyways, Zarek started playing hockey when he was around the age of 7, but due to him living in Rydzyna, Poland, a town of only 2500 people, Zarek couldn't really find any minor leagues to play in. Then, when he turned 15, he was eligible to join Polska Hokej Liga, one of the premier Polish leagues. When scouts first saw him, they were very skeptical of his talents, to say the least. He wasn't performing very good at all, but it was to be expected, because he had little to no real hockey experience. Despite this, he made it on 2nd defensive line of GKS Katowice.


Zarek looking confused in one of his first games on GKS Katowice.

After playing a season for GKS Katowice, Zarek didn't meet their expectations, and as a result of that they waived him off the team in the offseason. The only thing he may have done good at was hitting people, racking up 153 hits on the season. Despite being waived, Zarek didn't give up on his hockey dreams. He went and signed with Podhale Knowy Targ, as a 3rd defensive lineman. He was just glad a team wanted him, even if it was one of the league's worst teams, and he promised to himself he would get better and become a starter. 


Zarek (left) looks dumbly at his teammate who had just scored a goal.

Despite not scoring a single goal on the season, but leading the league in hits with 176, Podhale Nowy Targ decided to keep him on their roster for the next season, where Zarek would be turning 17. Zarek would spend the rest of his Polska Hokej Liga career on Podhale Nowy Targ. The team would never make the playoffs, but because of how bad the team was, Zarek would move up the ranks each year, until finally, when he was 20, he became their team captain. Despite his somewhat lack of skill, he still managed to become one of the greatest defenders in Polska Hokej Liga history. He also managed to make the hall of fame, becoming one  of the greatest comeback hockey stories in Europe. make the hall of fame, but he became the only player who's jersey got retired by Podhale Nowy Targ. After those few seasons, he really thought he could come to America and become a premier VHL player. There were a few issues, the first of which being he can't speak english, and the other, is that he probably won't have the skill to be a good player in the league. He decided to come play in the VHL anyways, and surprisingly got 4 different offers, of which he selected to join the Miami Marauders as part of their 3rd defensive line. Now he's waiting to get to play in his first games, and see how "well" he does.

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