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Okay let's start out with the fact I almost wrote "travhav" in the title instead of what I did write. Pretty sure I haven't wrote a Fan article on this gem but here goes. DAAD has been a great member here for a long time. I found this guy on the Canucks forum boards because I had gone to all of the boards to see if they would allow for recruitment posting under their "Other" or "Fantasy League" topics. Sure enough the rules are very loose on the Vancouver Hockey Boards (CDC) much like they defensive units this year. Anyways, Daad was a blessing to this league and I'm glad I found him. He has been a steady General Manager in the league, held many job titles and always takes a very neutral approach to potential conflict. If you get into a spat with this guy, something is wrong with you because he is the less argumentative guy and he is so easy to talk to at a calm level head. I feel like his hockey knowledge is very high too, despite not being able to see some of the best teams in recent years; I'm glad he has a Canucks team to cheer for that has some very good potential forwards. Travis is a gem and we should protect our gems in this league at all costs. Everyone raise their glasses and have a drink of Russell or Hoyne Beer in honour of @DollarAndADream

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Thank you for the kind words, bro! I can say the same things about you.


I think a lot of people can benefit though for sure to a more relaxed attitude on these sim leagues. It's just easier that way.


Also yeah....the Canucks are pretty good these days with some great youth in Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, and Hughes leading the charge. The future is bright.

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