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Seabass Perrin Retirement


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Today I have called on a informal zoom session here with some members of the press in order to formally announce my retirement from VHL Hockey. First of all I would like to apologize to all my fans and friends for not having the courage to do this press conference back in S75 when I played my last game instead of almost a year later.


At the end of my career I was disappointed by not having been able to help my team get into the postseason and I felt embarrassed by not being able to help push the Phantoms past the 1st round of the playoffs during the 7 seasons I was there for. Hell we only made the playoffs twice during my tenure. So I after the S75 season I took a hiatus from hockey life in order to reflect and refresh myself before being able to make this statement.


While I never could win any awards of any kind I wouldn't say my career was a total failure. I had a long career of 8 full seasons and played over 500 games played and to just be able to play in the VHL to begin with I consider myself very fortunate. I would like to take the time to thank the following:


I want to first thank my parents, as without their support I would've not been able to become the player I became. My parents pushed me to be passionate about what I do and to pursue my dreams in the first place. They raised me to have a great work ethic and that is what helped me the most throughout my career. I appreciate all the early morning rides out to the rinks and the many storms you've had to conquer in order to get me to various hockey tournaments. 


I want to also thank my grandfather and agent for all of his guidance throughout my career. He gets credit for first teaching me how to skate and eventually then introduced me to the sport of hockey and the VHL. From a young age I idolized him and wanted to just follow in his footsteps and become a VHL player and that ended up becoming a reality. 


I couldn't of had such a long career without the help of many such as the management and players from the S67 Yukon Rush. I joined them just to try and see what the VHL was all about and they managed to keep me sticking around the VHL long enough to turn me into a 1000+ TPE player.  I felt like we all had great chemistry there and we were so good that we truly should've advanced further into the playoffs then we did. Looking back, that S67 team created 11 VHL players who grouped together played almost 5000 VHL Games and accumulated almost 3000 points . There was some serious talent on that squad! 

@Josh @CowboyinAmerica @.sniffuM @Tbeez99 @Speed


             Yukon Rush Players Who Eventually Graduated to the VHL

            Name                    Career VHL Games Played            Career VHL Points

  1. Willie Dredge                       577                                                 430
  2. Lance Flowers                     576                                                 444
  3. Wolf Stansson Jr.                576                                                 446
  4. Seabass Perrin                    576                                                 407
  5. Erik Draven                          504                                                 442
  6. Tony Bolonee                      504                                                 229
  7. Alex Petrovic                       504                                                 269
  8. A Red Guy                           369                                                  N/A
  9. Frans Eller                           290                                                  91
  10. Nate Wright                         288                                                 108
  11. Brendan Plunkett                216                                                   87                         

                                                     4980 Total VHL Games                 2953Total VHL Points


Obviously the city of Prague and the Phantoms Hockey Family have also made a huge impact on my career. The Phantoms took a chance on me by drafting me 17th overall in the 2nd round of the S68 Draft and also brought over a few of my former Rush team mates, Erik Draven, Wolf Stansson Jr. and Willie Dredge along with me and since then I've grown to consider this city my home.  I ended up getting drafted in time to play for the Phantoms during their inaugural season after they were expanded into the VHL and just being there for that inaugural season is something I'll always feel special about. We didn't have a good year as we were all young and we iced 9 rookies that year but we had a lot of fun and over the years we got to just grow together as a family from there. I got to bond and play many years of hockey with the same core group and while we never had a Continental Cup contending team I had a great time playing with all my teammates in Prague.  



I want to also thank the only other VHL team I played for, the Helsinki Titans and @Jubo07 who gave me my only opportunity at winning the Continental Cup. I joined what I thought to be a contending team but even though I had a blast with that group we had a underwhelming season. We performed when it counted though and I'll forever remember that magical playoff run to the finals, I just wish we could've came through in the end. 


I would like the thank specifically my former GM, @diamond_ace  for originally selecting me in the S68 draft and for being one of the firsts to have faith in me as a VHL player and for ultimately giving me the honor and the chance to serve as this team's Assistant General Manager for a few seasons. You also were really cool about me going to Helsinki for a year to chase my Continental Cup dreams and even let me retain my role as AGM. Your a real stand up guy.


I want to also thank all my friends I made over my career as they really made the VHL a more fun environment to participate in and it kept me more into it.


Wolf Stansson Jr, who I played with since our time with the Rush and there's no player in which I've shared more games with than him as we got to play over 550 games together. 



Alex Pearson, who used to give me rides to practices and games back when I lost my license and join me in most of my off ice shenanigan. He became one of my closest friends in the

VHL and we even shared some legal troubles in our careers. Today we even have a joint venture in a restaurant and bar we opened in the city of Prague, go check it out sometime.



Erik Draven, who served as my first captain and was one of my very first friends in the VHL. We always kept in touch throughout our careers and he managed to convince me to join him  for his final season in Helsinki for a year for a chance at joining a contender for the Continental Cup and we fell just short of making that a reality. 



Ondrej Ohradka, who was just a blast to play with and was one of the more passionate guys I've met throughout my career. We were able to work together on a Point Task looking back at it I wasn't at all surprised to see you eventually grow to be selected as a VSN writer.  



Players that I have played with the most


1. Wolf Stansson Jr.                   576 Games

2. Alex Pearson                         432 Games

3. Cinnamon Block                    432 Games

4. Willie Dredge                         360 Games

5. Dagmar Havlova                    288 Games


Thank you all for having the time to hear me out today. I wish everyone I met along my career the best and thank you all for contributing to my VHL experience. I will never forget my time in the VHL however I will forever be a Phantom fan for life. Go Phantoms Go.  :prg:


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