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A late season London United prospect report

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I've got media saved up for the next few weeks but fuck it, thought it was a perfect time to get in on our prospects to see what they've been up to and how everything has played out for them after the first evaluation. I know it's a lot different from the introduction but I'm incapable of doing anything the same without screwing something up and it's a lot easier to  make something new for the eyes! Let's start of with the forwards this time. 


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  #59   Hendrix Cobberson    :mia:


🍵🍵🍵 3/5                   🍪 1/5


:ldn:We didn't see his name all season but Cobberson returns and re-joins a team he was previously on whenever he signed up, ready for some VHLM competition and hopefully a championship look out for his grit and grind in the defensive zone. In 7 games he already has an assist but has been pretty quiet generally with only 3 hits and 1 shot on net. he is currently playing in a depth role so the focus should be utilizing his strength while playing the body whenever he gets a chance, if  he can rack up some more hits in then next 3 games expect to see Hendrix get extra time and a fresh set of shoulder pads for the post-season. I know the coach is in his ear about this but claiming welfare for 4 a week will get Hendrix into a new tier of competitors and if he keeps pushing that button, we will see a new threat the VHLM has never seen before.


   #8               Jon Strider           Mex_Icon_sNPlAgv.png  


🍵🍵 2/5                🍪🍪🍪🍪 4/5


:ldn:Last time we saw Strider he was on the pace to improve on his numbers last season by a lot and now he's on pace to get 4x the goals, close to 3x more assists, x2 hits and shots easily. Currently a dominate force for the Kings on the PP and a go-to man for the coach during must score scenarios, racking up 6 power-player goals and 6 game-winning goals. We don't see any areas in his game that needs to be changed or worked on so we should see a strong playoff performer in John, he could try and get a few extra TPE per week if he wants to be consistent and continue sparking the rubber into the thread whenever he makes it into the VHL though.


#27               Philip Stein                 HFX-square.png


🍵🍵🍵🍵 4/5                🍪🍪🍪🍪 4/5


:ldn:There's too many good things to say about his game on and off the ice but looking a little deeper into Stein's game and you see a star waiting to shine in the VHL. He was a little more physical last season but has stepped up as a legit threat every time he enters the offensive zone, backing defenders into loops and off the puck with sensational dangle moves, looking at his tremendous numbers we see a two-way forward that get involved in situations without hesitation while maintaining to keep his head in the game, game after game. He isn't in the top 10 in any of the leaderboards but his game doesn't reflect the effort put into every shift, still, he has 6 more goals and doubled up his assist count from the previous season. Don't expect to see any highlights in the next stage of the season from Philip because he team failed to accumulate enough points. He must be doing something right though because he'll be leaving a team about to takeover the league and is about to join a team ready to do the exact same thing if everything lines up.


#19       Gabby Dugan       YUK-square.png


🍵 1/5                            🍪🍪 2/5


:ldn:With a good build and attendance every week at practice, Dugan has been a player that the coach uses to stand in front of the goaltender, make a big hit or defend the puck on the penalty-kill, one of many tools the Rush have used this season to gain that extra inch against teams depleted with talent from the draft last season. Getting on the board and maintaining a smart game has been the positive aspect of Gabby's performers this season, so being on a strong team that will make the post-season is only going to highlight those skills even more. Only thing we want to mention is trying to answer trivia during the week for a few extra TPE, the United is in need of wingers and the team needs all the attributes they can get in the next few seasons.



#18           Rusty Knale         HOU.png.c63c99609f2d60f007072a351f94e169.png


🍵 1/5                       🍪🍪🍪 3/5


:ldn:Quiet and methodical as a big man and relentless and scary during shifts, some of the things other VHLMers have mentioned during press conferences this season and look out because Knale's effort only gets better as his career progresses, this season he's playing perfectly as a defensive defender getting hits, points and handling the puck with steady hands playing in a titan line up with the Bulls. He has a shot to go all the way and with a few extra seconds before shifts Rusty will truly be a Bull when he gets on the ice, I just feel bad for all the teams with red in their jersey! Nothing really needs to change with earning and should make a smooth transition going into the VHL whenever he's ready. 


#6        Bahram Kamkar    OSL-square.png


0/5                               🍪🍪 2/5


:ldn:From the start of the season Bahram had all the skills to be a top defense-man but the lack of getting involved with his teammates at the gym is only dropping his draft ranking heavily and looking at his production this season it definitely reflects. His numbers haven't impressed anybody and has yet to even get shots off as we see a whopping 7 shots in 60 games. The one thing he has been able to maintain from the previous season is hitting, something that's needed in his position but wont earn him any accolades moving forward if he doesn't earn any more points towards his build. Right now we don't see a player ready to make it in the VHL and is our only prospect that hasn't showed any shining moments. There's still time to return to earning though and like I mentioned before, London has a few veterans in their defensive core. 


#5         Dextar Vaughn   HFX-square.png


🍵🍵 2/5               🍪🍪🍪 3/5


:ldn:Sharing the pipes with an equally skilled goaltender has been interesting to watch this season and Vaughn has made some big saves, timely glove hands and continues to solidify himself as one of the best starting goaltenders in the VHLM, he might not have the best defensive minded playing in front of him in Halifax but his numbers this season gives us a more accurate reading for the future as he improved in all areas. Right now Dextar should be our back up in due time and if he can become a little more consistent each week the coach will be more keen on starting him after a tough loss.


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