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Riga Pipeline Hype


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Ayo, I've got this totally original idea where I look at upcoming prospects for the team I play for. Hope you enjoy.

As you may know Riga is a rebuilding team hoping to sneak into the playoffs this season. With a massive S75 draft Riga is made up of more prospects than most teams most of which are playing for Riga in this season. However, even with all the prospects currently on the team, Riga still has some more upcoming talent that will join the team as soon as next season.


Probably Riga's most intriguing prospect looking into next season is Minnesota right winger Andy Nexber @Domino Draws. Picked at 52nd overall in the S75 draft with 275 TPE it's fair to stay that Nexber is looking like a good value pick for the Reign so far. This season Nexber has produced adequately as he has remained steady around a point per game for the second place storm. Playing with such a successful VHLM team will surely give him a winning mentality which will help him once he joins the reign. Nexber is expected to make the jump to the VHL next season as he will likely play a depth role for Riga in his first season in the bigs.


Riga's next most valuable prospect will be extremely important to there future plans next season as he fills a big positional need for the team. As of right now Riga's defense core looks to be thin heading into next season with there top two defenders retiring at the end of the season. Enter Houston defensemen Jared Carter @jaredc7 who was selected astoundingly at 87th overall in the S75 draft. At 295 TPE Jared Carter proved to be a diamond in the rough becoming a massive steal. Carter has played valuable minutes so far this season as he features on the top pair for the stacked Houston Bulls. So far he has produced well posting 42 points in 69 games as well as having a +51 on the season which is extremely impressive. He will certainly join Riga next season and play along side other talented defensemen such as Zetterstrom and Thunder.


Riga's third prospect projected to make the jump next season is Matthew A Sovick Jr. @matt sovick. At 106th overall Sovick is an extremely late pick up by Riga, similar to Nexber and Carter. At 256 TPE Sovick like Jared carter can be classified as a steal since finding any player, even a goalie at 106th overall that makes the VHL is impressive. Currently Sovick is backstopping a competitive Yukon Rush team to a playoff berth posting very respectable numbers as right now he currently sits third in wins in the VHLM. As for Sovicks future role with the team, he most likely will play as the backup goaltender behind Calvin Harvey as Cal Conway looks like he may be on his way out which would make him one of the latest draft picks to ever make the VHL.


With these three prospects all set to be promoted to the big leagues next season, as well as there S77 draft pick likely joining the team, Riga will be able to add to there already impressive prospect depth in there lineup as they look to improve into contention.

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Good write up and nice little details about upcoming pipeline Riga has. I’d like to see more stats involved on depth side to really see the players and what stands out most about them and then to add your opinion. Pretty easy to follow as in for spacing. Nice welcoming to any first gens/ prospects teams have that get mentioned in these articles. 



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I liked the overall descriptions of the players, and how it shows each player Riga will be acquiring soon. Just would like to see more details surrounding the players and maybe some statistics. Also not very hard to understand or read at all.

6/10, good score!

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