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does and don'ts for Vhl noobs, made by a Vhl noob


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After starting my first player in the vhl I have made many mistakes and learned stuff I have also done things which I am pretty proud of.  So to pull a hard flex of my 4-5 weeks of experience I will try to explain stuff for people that may have just started their career.



At the beginning of a player career, you will read the rules and try to get a general understanding of what to do.  After I read it I got the understanding that tpe is good and you want as much of it as possible, I saw that you could claim it from the "my player" tab.  After pressing around the tab I found a button which was welfare, for a newbie like I was then it was very tempting because it was fast and easy tpe.  After being offered a contract and accepting it I got some help from an AGM which guided me through tpe.  After some explaining later I got to understand the dangerous yet tempting welfare button which gave you easy tpe but you couldn't claim max capped tpe, I was lucky because this was on a Saturday night and I didn't have to wait a full week to utilize the max potential of capped tpe.  So the underline for welfare is, Welfare sucks if you are planning to claim maxed capped tpe, but is good if you don't have the time to write for example media spot where you earn 6 capped tpe.  Note that welfare cuts your max capped tpe per week down to 10 instead of 12. 



You could say practice facility is the nice version of Welfare,  you get the same amount of tpe, your capped tpe limit isn't reduced and it's uncapped which leaves more capped tp for your player to earn thus makes him better.  There is no reason whatsoever to not claim practice facility because it the most accessible and easiest way to earn tpe.



Capped tpe is the Jesus of VHL.  Capped tpe is the best way to get tpe as you can earn up to 12 tpe per week from it.  Capped tpe is also the main source of tpe the whole league uses, if you claim max capped tpe per week every week you will produce a lot of points and will be drafted highly.  The biggest mistake a new person who is looking to be active makes is claiming the welfare option as it reduces the max capped tpe you can earn in a week.  Capped tpe lets you do tasks such as media spots, trivia, press conferences, articles, podcasts or writing reviews.  These are only some of the many ways to earn capped tpe.  As you can earn at max of 12 capped tpe per week you will be drafted highly if you average 12 capped tpe per week.



Uncapped tpe is like capped tpe but there is no consistent way of earning it week to week.  There is nothing bad about uncapped tpe but as I said there is no way to get tpe from it every week.  Although there is no consistent way to earn uncapped tpe there are events like for example the theme week last week.  In that event, you earned an extra 6 uncapped tpe from media spots, since it was uncapped tpe you could earn the usual 12 capped tpe from the week which allowed many layers to earn up to 18 tpe 1 week which for me a fairly new player was very generous because it allowed me to get more into the league thus making me get more points per sim instead of just getting a point after 1 or 2 sims.  There is another way to claim uncapped tpe which is the first-gen bonus which allows a fairly new player like me to get into the league by giving players who passed 100 tpe a free 10 uncapped tpe, I recently claimed this which gave me 10 tpe to apply which I did today so I am hoping for some points today, especially if I can get my capped tpe from other tasks I've done.



Now that you have some tpe to spend you shouldn't just throw it out into the different categories.  Especially if you just started out, one category to avoid too 100% at the start is leadership. If you just started out you should avoid it at all costs because it is meant for captains and if you just started out you will not be a captain and the points you could have spent on that you could've spent on for example passing or scoring to help your team perform better.  If you are unsure on what to use your tpe for you should ask the "newcomers help" channel in the discord, I started out my tpe spending there and got some advice from nice players, I would recommend spreading your tpe throughout defense, scoring, passing, puck handling and skating.  This is what I'm doing and for my first 60 games, I've got 16 points and +13  +/-.  This does not mean that you will get the same exact results as I have, you may get worse results or even better results.



Depending on when you join the league you will get drafted or not, since I joined mid-season I have not got drafted and I will next season.  After accumulating 250 tpe you will be forced to move up to the VHL where you can get drafted by different teams and such, one thing I like with this league is that there are draft interviews where you can basically choose where you want and don't want to end up, for example, I don't want to get drafted by a special team so if I get an interview by them I will say that I don't want to get drafted to them because in my case they are rivals to the team I actually support IRL.


1020 words and im claiming this for week ending 2/21 and 2/28

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