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Town of Salem #17 Eagles Madness Edition


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*Carson Wentz noises*


*also mafia noises in general*


It's time for the 17th iteration of "Ricer telling everyone not to trust Eagles, presented except this time presented by eagles. This will be a regular town versus mafia versus neutral game, I just pre picked roles to add some extra madness.





-I'm going with my usual starting and ending times as a general guideline: WHENEVER THE HELL I WAKE UP marks the start of each day phase (weekdays around 9am, weekends aroudn noon), and 9:30 PM EST marks the start of each night phase. Those will be the times that I'll aim for, but, officially, the start of one phase and the end of another comes whenever I make the announcement. You'll be pinged. I will do my best to give out expected announcement times, but I reserve the right to kick off any phase at any time.


-No talking in this thread during night phases. That goes for everybody, regardless of role. I have no power to lock this thread at night, and there's no official penalty for talking in here at night, but if you see one of your fellow citizens doing so, please yell at them for me.


-Do not edit posts. I've been relaxed about not yelling at people who have, but editing is a sneaky way to take out potentially incriminating information. If you say something stupid, too bad. Don't change it.


-If you are reasonably able to be online at the start of the night phases, please make an effort to do so. The JAILOR (if there is a Jailor) is able to speak with you in their own Discord channel at night, and that is when I will put the Jailor's target in said channel. If it is within your power to do so and doesn't present a huge inconvenience, please be online when the night phase starts and please join the server out of respect for the Jailor and their time. If you know you won't be around at the start of the night phase, it might be helpful to give me a message to forward to the Jailor during the day phase should you be placed in jail that night.


-DO NOT PM ANYBODY. All communication must happen in this thread, unless you have already received an invite to a Discord server where you may speak as well. If you haven't, keep everything here. Should you wish to contact someone directly, too bad! Whispers don't exist in this format.


-STAY ACTIVE. If you do go two day and night phases in a row without speaking in public, speaking in a private Discord, or sending me a night action (or specifically telling me you do not want to take a night action), I will swing the Mighty Eagles Hammer of Death. You do not want the Mighty Eagles Hammer of Death, and neither does anybody on your side.


-NO ROLES ARE OFF THE TABLE. If you play the online game, you may be familiar with a Classic mode being the default, where many of the newer roles are not used. In these games, if the evil faction is the Mafia, ALL roles which are not members of the Coven may be used, and vice versa. This includes Any All and Town Traitor.


-Last but not least, friendly reminder that no discussion relevant to this game in particular is allowed in the #general channel of the game server while this game is running.


-Just kidding! Actually last but not least--IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK YOUR DISCORD CHANNEL FOR NOTIFICATIONS PRIOR TO EACH DAY PHASE. It might not end well for you if you don't!


-And last but not least for the third time, if you choose to change a night action, please, please, send a new message rather than editing your old one. I've missed changes because of this before as an edit doesn't give me any sort of notification if I've already seen and missed the first one...so make sure I've got it right by separating your submissions!



Role list:






Player list (18):



























 Night 1 begins tomorrow, Monday 2/22 at 9:30 EST so everyone has time to be caught up

Have fun!

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I say with the madness of this first game, it only makes sense to declare a gif war in the first day and yeet the person who is democratically voted to be the worst of it by poll format. Nothing of consequence could ever come of this decision at all. 



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5 minutes ago, Devise said:

I say with the madness of this first game, it only makes sense to declare a gif war in the first day and yeet the person who is democratically voted to be the worst of it by poll format. Nothing of consequence could ever come of this decision at all. 




Sounds pretty sus tbh

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2 minutes ago, Jericho said:

If it makes you feel better it's still a white background for dark users somehow. We all had to highlight the text to read it :P




@GustavMattias won me over with his exceptionally convincing argument regarding Berocka's obvious duplicity and intent for nefarious deeds. 


Vote Berocka

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