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Town of Salem #17 Eagles Madness Edition

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Ok we can lock her up then for the night.    @MMFLEX has been hung and was the witch

I legit did all the work here

I will not be live streaming tonight's night actions because I am definitely rigging them

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@Mike please vote with me. I got our Mafioso to back up your claim and helped you win. I'd like to ask that the favor be returned.


Today is another work day for me and I don't feel like sitting here and getting into "I deserve to win the game" arguments to try to win the town over anyway. Because there's nobody in the game who wants me to win the game at this point--nobody is left on my side. So let me lay out the facts:


-Yes, Al was Spy. There are two town left.

-Neither I nor Caboose can die at night.

-Lynch one of us today, someone dies at night (yes, I know there's a Doctor).

-If Doom's protection doesn't work, it's 1v1 tomorrow (not counting exe who's irrelevant in this situation). The remaining evil wins.

-If Doom's protection does work, it's 2v1v1 tomorrow (counting exe). Unless you can swing Mike to vote with Town (which I doubt) nobody gets lynched and the cycle continues. Someone presumably dies at night eventually and the remaining evil wins.

-By the way, if nobody gets lynched today, I'm not above planning with Caboose to have one of us go for one townie and the other go for the other. One of the townies dies tonight for sure.


Barring a stroke of dumb luck, town cannot win the game. 


If Mike backs up my vote (which I humbly ask for again), you have two votes for Caboose. One more vote from either townie and we have what we need.


If Mike doesn't, both townies can still vote with me to take out Caboose. This is the guy who yesterday played the "please take pity on me because I'm a poor NK who deserves to win purely by virtue of my role" card before pulling back his vote and stopping a Town win. Are you really going to take his side at this point? Think about that. I'm also the only one with access to people's post-Janitor roles (Berocka being Jester, omg being Tracker, Al being Spy), and am voluntarily coming forward with this information to give our remaining townies a clear perspective on things. Caboose does not have any info to give and just acted like he was town's best friend until he suddenly wasn't for his own self-interest.


I rest my case. Caboose can talk all day in this thread if he wants to; I'll be at the store getting breathed on by people who think retail workers are subhuman. See you later tonight when one of us is presumably dead.

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Oh wait Spartan was killed by SK lol. It's Maf vs. GF vs. Doc and there's an Exe who can end the game today by voting with me.


@Mike I know I already tagged you but I can't read, vote Caboose with your best Mafia friend pls


@Doomsday please read the above and make your own judgment. Mike has much more of a reason to vote with me than with Caboose. Since I assume you used your self-heal last night you're dead tonight and Town loses anyway if nothing happens today. Voting with me just avoids dragging out the outcome.

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Well then since Gus is basically saying "Town should let us win because fuck Caboose" maybe it's my turn to reply.


@Doomsdayyou're kinda screwed sorry man. It's up to you and @Mike to decide who wins this.


Mike you dont owe the mafia jack shit. Think long and hard about your decision because everything Gus is accusing me.of doing, he is doing right back just in a fancier way of putting it. 


Sk's almost never get W's. Gus right now is trying to appeal to your emotion just as much as I am.  So he can run my name threw the mud as much as he liked, end of the day hes doing the same shit.


Doom, I hope you will continue with your anti mafia sentiment. Was a touch dissapointed to see that Spartan didnt shoot Ricer last night though. You got fucked with IA teammates at the end here.


Ultimately today is about Maf vs SK win. Mafia is obviously going to slather you both up with the same appeal to emotion, I ask that you ignore them and help me finish off the Mafia by voting Gus with me



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1 minute ago, Caboose30 said:

Gus acts like he wasnt buddying up to town all game. If it was in his interest to get rid of Mike he would have done it immediately


Only way Mafia could pull that off was to get him lynched. They pose no threat to Mafia whatsoever and there's zero incentive for them to try to get rid of them. 

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Just now, Doomsday said:


Only way Mafia could pull that off was to get him lynched. They pose no threat to Mafia whatsoever and there's zero incentive for them to try to get rid of them. 

I'm aware I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of Gus saying that I buddies up to town only to stab then in the back. If it was in his interest, Gus would have removed Mike at his earliest convenience 

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Either way Mike if you really want to end this game faster it would behoove you to vote alongside Doom. Just keep in mind you dont owe Maf anything. 


We are both using the same manipulative tactics to play to your emotion. Gus is pulling at your sense of loyalty whereas I'm calling to you to see how difficult it is to win as SK.


Ultimately your choice. But I'm being honest about how we are manipulating you whereas Gus is just being straight manipulative.

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40 minutes ago, Mike said:

I vote with the Mafia.  I made a play on Devise right at start Eagles thought it would be hilarious.  Jericho backed me up with other help from mafia probably and I got the win right at start.  That is how I have to vote.


Vote Town

I mean I also helped you out by marking him as sus in my "psychic" results

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2 minutes ago, WentzKneeFan036 said:

Mike needs to vote for an actual person, saying “vote mafia” doesn’t count because technically no one truly knows what any role is

I mean... hey friendly neighborhood Cereal Killer here.  Gus is 100% the GF, Mike has confirmed himself as the Exe and Doom is def the doc 🤷‍♂️

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