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My Random VHL Thoughts - S76 - Part 5

Fire Fletcher

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  • Prague made the playoffs! And not only did we make the playoffs, but we closed the gap with Helsinki and finished tied for 3rd in the conference, but finished 4th due to the current tiebreakers. Regardless, I'd say this was a successful year for Prague. Going in to the season, I expected us to be playoff tweeners, but with some of the guys stepping up and some moves made by management, I think you can make the argument we could make some noise this playoffs.
  • Funny thing about the tiebreaker is it's something that was being reviewed by the Board of Governors. Regardless of what (if any) decision is made, nothing would have changed this season, but it's funny that the situation of course comes up as it's being reviewed. No hard feelings about it either way - the rules going into the season are what the rules are going to be for that season.
  • I signed a 2 year extension with Prague. Especially after these moves, I'm excited for the next couple of seasons. Losing Landry II soon will obviously leave a void, but hopefully we're able to fill that production either internally or with an external trade. And as I type this, I discovered that he still has 2 additional seasons after this season, so scratch all of that basically. As the kids (a.k.a those younger than me) say these days "we're going to the moon!"🚀
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