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The Seabasstard's Junior Review


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The Seabasstard's Junior Review


Today I will be making my first introduction of my new player, The Seabasstard. Unlike my two previous players, The Seabasstard has no bloodline connection to the Perrin line of VHL players in any way. However that may be the former VHL player turned agent, Seabass Perrin has signed on with the player and will be managing the promising prospect's hockey career from this point on. 


Not very much was really known about The Sebasstard  when he was drafted by his hometown Sudbury Wolves in the 14th round with the 274th overall pick of the OHL Priority Selection. The small center man struggled and failed to make the team in his first training camp with the team. He was obviously not good enough to make the junior league as a Not only was he small but he barely keep up with his peers on the ice and looked a little out of balance at times on his skates. Coaches told the kid that he better learn how to skate if he ever wants to play a game for the Wolves.


The next year The Seabasstard had grown a few inches and showed a tremendous improvement in his skating ability. He apparently took his coaches criticism to heart and decided to seriously work on his skating and had been working with a power skating coach over the past year. He made the team that year as a 17 year old and built himself a respectable junior career over the next 3 seasons but ultimately don't impress enough NHL scouts to ever be drafted.


                                               Games Played              Goals               Assists            Points

1st Junior Year                            54                               11                     13                    24

2nd Junior Year                           63                               23                   31                    54

3rd Junior Year                           66                               21                     34                   55


The Seabasstard left for Europe after being convinced to join the Czech Leagues after meeting Prague Phantoms player Seabass Perrin while volunteering at a hockey camp for kids. The Seabasstard has been in the Czech Republic Hockey Leagues ever since playing for 4 different teams over the span of 8 years and growing to become a Czech hockey star. Winning 2 Championships, 1 with Brno the other in Pardubice and on both runs The Seabasstard was named playoff MVP.


Team                       Games Played             Goals           Assists           Points

Liberec                           51                             17                  21                 38

Liberec                           52                             15                 19                  34

Liberec                           47                             12                 20                 32

Brno                                48                            21                  19                 40

Brno                                52                            23                 28                  51

Mlada Boleslav             31                            10                  11                  21

Pardubice                       20                            13                  11                  24

Pardubice                       52                            28                 31                  59

Pardubice                       50                            23                 33                 56


Now The Seabasstard returns to North America awaiting his next challenge, the VHL in hopes of winning even more championships. He made a good preview in the VHLM at the end of S76, signing on with the Saskatoon Wild to finish their season.  He managed to put up 10 pts in 14 games in his VHLM debut and VHLM scouts and VHL scouts alike have taken notice to this promising young prospect. Now he awaits the VHLM Dispersal Draft to see where his career takes him next.

Edited by Seabass
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