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Riga to the Playoffs


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With Riga making the playoffs for season 76, the city and its people are rejoicing! This team, made up of rookies and veterans alike for a well-balanced roster, is very excited for the playoffs and looking to gain experience, bond closer as a team, and a cup. The moves made by Benjamin Zeptenbergs over the last few seasons have brought change and a real chance at winning not only a cup this season but for the ones to come. Linus Zetterstrom, Cabe McJake, Justin Lose, Dolant Fertitta, and Isau DaMoose collectively put up 320 points this season solidifying, their abilities and providing a foundation of winning that will turn into a tradition as they age. The return of old faces (Guy Sasakamoose) and new (Ray Sheilds, Oskar Lagesson) gave Riga the needed experience and skill to push and get into the playoffs. Harvey also put in a commendable effort in net against most of the opposition while at times seemingly letting in weaker goals. The regular season was increasingly exciting, and I cannot wait for the playoffs, no matter the outcome.  


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