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Zarek Kaczka's Boring Origin Story


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Zarek Kaczka was born into a poor family living in the small Polish town of Rydzyna. His dad was a factory worker, who worked 12 hours a day seven days a week, and his mom was a cashier at the local grocery store who worked 6 days a week for 8 hours a day. This barely put any food on the table, and the family could have no luxurious things. This made Zarek's childhood hard to say the least. When he went to kindergarten, teachers could tell he wasn't very smart either. He would not pay much attention at all in class, and wasn't learning much. At the age of 6, he learned about hockey when he saw his father watching Polska Hokej Liga, Poland's premier hockey league. He was amazed at how the players could be so graceful sliding across the ice, but how the sport was also very rough and violent with tons of contact and hitting, there were even fights during the games! He instantly loved it, and wanted to play it as well. But, his family was poor, so they couldn't afford to enter him into any youth leagues. The best they could do was buy him a stick, makeshift goal and puck to play with on their porch. Obviously, this wouldn't help him really practice at all.


He went to the tryouts, but didn't perfect well, as was expected. The only categories he did good in were physical categories, like bench press, speed drills, and body checking drills. Only two teams approached him, the two worst teams in the league. Those two teams were GKS Katowice, and Podhale Knowy Targ. He decided to sign with GKS Katowice, as they were better than Podhale Knowy Targ. His season with GKS Katowice was not good, not good at all. He did very bad, not scoring and only getting a few assists. He did have 153 hits. This really showed how his rough and athletic side dominated his side of actual hockey skills. Because of this very poor season Zarek was waived by GKS Katowice. He then went to Podhale Knowy Targ hoping they were so bad that they still had a spot left for him. Luckily, they did have one last spot  on their team, a spot on the third defensive line. Even though Zarek wouldn't be getting much playing time, he vowed to himself he would eventually become a great of the league.


Zarek turned 16 right before his first season with Podhale Knowy Targ started. He again showed his lack of actual hockey skill, but Podhale Knowy Targ's training must have been paying off. He eventually scored his first goal of his career midway through the season. It was a great accomplishment for him, and he will always cherish the memory of scoring that first goal. He didn't score anymore that season, but he did start increasing his assist numbers a lot. He also led Polska Hokej Liga in hits with 176. Podhale Knowy Targ was originally going to release him, but they decided to keep him because they saw some potential after he scored that goal and increased his assist numbers greatly. In the offseason they worked with him so much, he has clearly becoming a better player. Could Podhale Knowy Targ potentially have found a great player?


Zarek's season as a 17 year old was his first true breakout season. He was just scoring goals left and right, and getting many assists as well. Had the worst team in Polska Hokej Liga somehow trained him into a good player? It seemed like it. He also was playing defensively as one of the best players in the whole entire league. At the end of the season, he came away with 19 goals, around 60 assists, and 161 hits. That year he won the Most Improved Player award. He was so happy to now be accomplishing his dreams and taking them many steps forwards. He was becoming one of the league's premier players at this point as well. At the end of the season though, Podhale Knowy Targ still finished last. Zarek's contract was also up this season. He got offers from most others teams, but he decided to stay loyal to Podhale Knowy Targ because he feared if he left it would shake up his rhythm and he would go back to being a bad player. After this season he also moved up to their first defensive line and became a starter.


Zarek's season as a 18 year old, his first season as a starter. At this time, he reached his max size. 6'8 and 230 pounds. He took great advantage of this and was performing so very well. He was even making a push for Podhale Knowy Targ to make the playoffs. He was basically carrying them, and piling on stats each and every game. He was blossoming into a great player, and gaining so many fans and people that were rooting for him to succeed in the league. He even gained sponsorships with Polish companies which gained him extra money. He also had been using most of his money to help his parents have better things and a better life. He even donated some of it to charities in Poland. Even though he was usually a rough and mean guy, hockey really propelled him to start being a better person, and help others accomplish their dreams. At the end of this season, Zarek had 26 goals, 68 assists, and 181 hits. His best season yet. He also finished top 5 in MVP voting. He was solidifying his reputation in the league, and further strengthening his resume. He was really looking forwards to next season, he was hoping he had a chance at winning MVP, if he trained very hard in the offseason and give it 300% each and every game. He also vowed to get Podhale Knowy Targ into the playoffs, as they had fallen just short last season.


Zarek's season as a 19 year old, he was very determined to accomplish many things, and someone who is determined, can do lots of things, that may surprise many people. That sure is what Zarek did. This season he reached a level of play that no one, even based off his past seasons would've ever seen coming. He caught fire, and I mean major fire. He was lighting up every team Podhale Knowy Targ played, even the good ones. Zarek was just going absolutely ballistic. Ramming into people and sending them flying across the ice, fitting the puck into the net with impossible shots, finding open teammates whenever he could. It was phenomenal. At the end of the season, he finished with 66 goals, 95 assists, and 202 hits. He obviously won the MVP award. He was just ecstatic to win it, and in disbelief he ever accomplished something this insane. He also led Podhale Knowy Targ into the playoffs, but they were outsed in the first round. Now Zarek had one goal, win the championship. Unbeknownst to him, this would end up being his last season in Polska Hokej Liga. So this would be his last chance at a championship, he would have to go beyond what he already did, which would be almost an insurmountable task. His team had attracted better free agents though, because of him and where he had led them. He really believed they had a shot at the championship. 


In his season as a 20 year old, Zarek was slightly more determined than last season. He also had became the team captain of the team, and they had gotten a new head coach. It seemed to pay off, as his leadership skills had developed greatly, and him and his team were forming a great chemistry together. This propelled them to victory, as they steamrolled through all the teams in their path going undefeated in the regular season and beginning the playoffs as the one seed. Things were looking very bright for Zarek and Podhale Knowy Targ. They swept their opponent in their first round, and then advanced into the finals. Now it was the moment of truth, could they prevail? They did, as they won the series four games to one. This was a huge accomplishment for Zarek, as he led his team to his first ever championship. He had taken the worst team in Polska Hokej Liga and turned them into a championship winning team. He also had recorded 63 goals, 91 assists, and 274 hits. A good season by any means.



After that insane final season in the Polska Hokej Liga, he surprisingly announced that we would be leaving the league and taking his talents to the VHL and VHLM. This surprised and disappointed many of his Polish fans. He also left Polska Hokej Liga as a hall of famer, and became the first player to have his jersey retired by Podhale Knowy Targ. Before he left for America, he vowed to all his Polish fans that as soon as he could, after he made it out of the VHLM and into the VHL, he would attempt to get onto the Warsaw Predators, the league's Polish team. This pleased many fans, but it would be hard to do, getting on one specific team. Very soon after he left, he was signed by the Miami Marauders to finish S76. Then after getting a little bit of playing experience in the playoffs, he will enter the VHLM disperse draft, and be picked ip by one of the many teams. That is as far as Zarek has made it now, thank you for reading Zarek Kaczka's Boring Origin Story, hope you enjoyed!


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Review- good write up but I’d recommend some spacing/ bold words added as it looks dry but still a good article just could touch it up abit. I enjoyed some of the things you’ve said in here and making your player have a character and a background is always fun



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