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Trevor Wallace on His Regular Season


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I’m about to catch up with Trevor Wallace on his first regular season in the VHL (sorry for any bad formatting, I’m on my phone on a notes app to write this).  TW denotes Trevor is speaking, a Q simply denotes my question.


Q: Trevor, would you call this season a success?

TW:  We’re in the playoffs, representing a great city.  What couldn’t be a success?

Q: You guys haven’t gone all the way yet?  Will you go on the way?

TW: This is a team that can go all the way, I have faith in us and we will go all the way.

Q: How would you describe this season for you individually?

TW: A great introduction to VHLM and more will come next year.

Q: How do you feel about the people of Miami

TW: They’re great and I’m glad to know they’re supporting us.  If we could win this for them, it would feel like repaying the debt I owe to them for being so good to me.

Q: Well, good luck Trevor and I hope to see you hoisting that Trophy!

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