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King's Season In Review


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          A bitter season 76 comes to a bitter end for Kevin King and his now London United. King began the season out of the VHL but still on the Vancouver Wolves’ roster. His return with agent Moose brought about question marks about not only his attitude but commitment to the league and while his image seemed relatively unbroken, something clearly wasn’t connecting.


          Through 39 games King had amassed 42 points, a 77-point pace for the season. A far cry from the 94 from a season ago and more disturbingly, King had been quiet in the lockeroom. Moose was a ghost and had said as much in later articles. It was clear King/Moose was in a rut which led to a conversation between Vancouver General Manager Beaviss and his young Center about whether to waive and possibly trade the third year forward. After some deliberation, February 7th the deal was done. Kevin King to London United. It’s a move that surprised some and meant little to other but for London it was a chance to maybe rehabilitate the interests of a member and bolster their offensive lineup at little cost. Buying low in the eyes of some and at value to the naysayers.


          With the United, King nearly matched his totals in Vancouver for the season, playing in 34 games, recording 38 points, an 80-point pace. It still wasn’t the season King had expected and unfortunately, London couldn’t get over the hump to squeak into the playoffs. King will miss the postseason for the first time in his career at any VHL level. It’s a blow to his overall stock but maybe the reset he needs. With a few faces leaving this offseason King will have to be a big piece on offense. He’s made his claims as being worthy as a #1 Centermen and will have a lot of pressure to succeed if given that opportunity in season 77.


          The focus for King now will be to continue trying and get back into a lockeroom mindset and build chemistry with his teammates in London. Back-to-back point-per-game seasons have shown King isn’t slipping away on the ice. The mental game is where King/Moose must get invested in again to be that superstar London needs going forward. King had this to say regarding season 76 and his future in London:


          “You know I struggled a bit this season, just with the game, coming in with a different headspace. I haven’t felt like myself in the league this season as has been addressed but I think there’s a light at the end of all of it and now it’s just focusing on going forward. I’ll be on the golf courses this postseason which is tough for me. You want to compete every season, you want to win, that wasn’t in the books so you just control what you control and move forward. Right now, I just gotta get into that lockeroom and be a presence.”


          King did finish the season with a combined 73 games and 80 points, including 29 goals on what many would consider to be an unusual campaign for the Michigan native.



EDIT: For anyone curious, I had a schedule full of stuff this week for content but after my article this week and the season ending, felt redundant and a little late to bother with a London trade thoughts Media Spot. As for The Long & Short of It: Andrew Su, I don't want to throw an outdated piece out there without getting it right for the player and the member so I've let that go for now. I'll look at revisiting The Long & Short of It next season. 

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