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The Season 76 VHL season has concluded, meaning Warsaw Predators Centre Dakota Lamb has now completed 4 of his 8 regular seasons prior to mandatory retirement. It seems like it has flown by so far, and putting it like that is making me really regret choosing to stay down with Miami in S73. Obviously no ill will towards Miami or anything, just feels like a wasted season in the career of Lamb. However, he has still been an absolute beast in his time spent in the VHL, posting 93 Goals and 146 Assists for 239 Points in 216 Regular Season games.


Although his rookie year, S74, was his best year point-totals wise, I think that S76 has been the most enjoyable so far. Warsaw ended the season with a 51-13-8 record, good for 2nd in the entire league with 110 points. Although it wasn't enough to win EU due to the Moscow Menace's 112 points in the standings, it's going to be a hell of a battle in the playoffs, that will surely be fun and exciting. As for Lamb specifically in Season 76, he had 25 goals, equaling last year's total, 54 assists, a new career high, and his +26 rating is the highest he's ever had.


Thank you to all the cool people I've met and befriended in the first half of Lamb's career, looking forward to the back half, and hopefully building a HOF resume. GO PREDS! :war:


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