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Trade throwback Ep. 3


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NYA / STO – Apr 18 to Apr 27, 2015

Offseason of S42

New York receives:

Stockholm receives:

(S41) RW - Mario De Rossi

(S36) G - Brick Wahl

(S42) G - Jax Barnstormer

(S37) C - Tom Slaughter

S43 DAV 1st (RW E'Twaun Delicious)

(S40) C - Jody 3 Moons

S43 RIG 2nd (D Golden Jedtsson)


S44 STO 1st (C Alexander Davidson)


New York Americans GM: Chris Miller               Stockholm Vikings GM: Benoit Prévost


Starting off with New York and their one time player Mario De Rossi. Mario had an average season with the Americans but thrived well after moving to Seattle. There were no signs of Mario getting traded hence he could have tested FA. Sending Mario De Rossi away was a premature move which didn’t turn out well. GM Miller sent away a star player in the making and wasn’t patient enough to wait. The New York team also acquired goaltender Jax Barnstormer. Goaltender Jax had a longer tenure with the team, 2 seasons to be exact. Through out his stay in the city with apparently the best pizzas, he posted a SV% of above 0.90 even though the team was pretty bad. Jax seemed to have disappeared completely from the league probably sucked by aliens after his rumored visit to Area 51, Nevada.


Their first round pick Delicious played immediately in S43 and made a huge impact on the team. However, the team never found their footing that season. Delicious stayed with the team and finally in S45, they managed to get back on track. Delicious stayed as a key piece as the New York team, driving their success in the right direction.


Player Jedtsson was first seen in S44 with the Americans. He has his pull ups on and got back on track after a below average rookie season. But was not seen as a consistent as his play in the following season was a letdown from the breakout season he had. Jedtsson had the chance to wear the Stockholm jersey, the team he would have been on if not for the trade.


Centerman Davidson didn’t see action until S47 but was never active. Very unfortunate for a first round pick.


Stockholm received retiring goaltender Wahl. Wahl even though depreciating never failed to be a brick wall. As the starter for the chilly Swedish capital hockey team, he guided the team to victory along with the help of Campbell. New York shouldn’t have swapped Wahl away for Barnstormer. Wahl was much better in terms of SV% and GAA. Moreover, the team could use some help in the back end with a weak forward core in S43 and 44.


Tom Slaughter was another a depreciating veteran on the team but showed no signs of stopping. He led the Viking core in points for both S43 and 44 before hanging up his skates forever. Another key player in the Stockholm asset which drove their success. Jody 3 Moons, what a weird name. Does Jody own 3 moons or are the 3 moons called Jody? I guess we’ll have to ask the veteran himself. This player belongs to the still very active, resident graphic master gorlab.


Jody has never had a bad season in his career after joining Stockholm. Over PPG every season and he clearly feels very comfortable in Stockholm.


The two other players that were sent to Stockholm with Jody were inducted into the HoF. Leaving Jody as the odd man out.

Need I say more. This trade was fairly even with high quality picks that got exchanged. Very unfortunate for Davidson as the player unfortunately got eaten by a shark at Shark Bay. This one is a throwback for sure. Shoutout to gorlab for suggesting this and fishy for finding the thread. Amazing people.

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review- love the small details as in who was gm and the team. Nicely written and some good information here with the details I like reading history like this in the league personally so for a in depth is something neat. Good format 10/10

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