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After spending some time in the VHLM it's finally time for the notorious playoffs.¬†¬†Since I joined mid-season these will probably be my last games with the Mexico city kings, I'm going to be drafted into the VHLm and Mexico has virtually no 1st round picks, so I won't be able to stay thereūüėĘ.


This is the first time I will be participating in a playoff tournament because this is my first time in the playoffs I have actually completed as many capped tpe tasks (besides press conference and trivia), so I am hoping that the updaters will give me my tpe so that I can apply them before the games start.  After my tpe has gotten approved I will have 140 tpe which is a big power up for the playoffs.


I am hoping for the best this playoffs and I think we can go really far if we find a way to take down Houston, Houston has been atop of the standings the whole season.  I would say that if we are able to win over Houston we got a big chance to win the playoffs and take home the cup to motherland Mexico.  A playoff win with Mexico would be very convenient because it would be my first cup, Hylands and Juice will be leaving Mexico for Malmö.  So it will be a memorable goodbye.







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