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Trevor Wallace Scouting Report


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Trevor Wallace: Hard Working, Yet Gambling Everything
Trevor Wallace is a two way forward who is more likely at the moment to rack up assists than goals.  At the time of February 16th, in 72 games the the 19-year old had 32 assists and 17 goals.  He started the season at 68TPE and is currently at 142 TPE (with 20 TPE in pending updates.  Wallace is also a two way forward.  He actually volunteered to play defenseman for a bit when Miami was having defenseman woes.  Most of Trevor’s time this season was spend on Miami’s first line giving him valuable experience against some of the best players in VHLM.  When Trevor is on the ice his team performs well, Trevor currently has a plus-minus of 19. However he isn’t the most accurate shooter as he has 17 goals in... 125 shots.  Trevor performed better on the top line than the third line.  His numbers dropped off tremendously with less minutes and there are some some concerns as in the last ten games Trevor only has one point and plus minus of negative two.  He’s been disciplined though, with only 24 minutes in the box.  He has 89 hits only, sadly.  He also hasn’t been good with faces offs, but says he’ll work on those this offseason.

Now let’s get to the intangibles.  Trevor has been very dedicated to his team and has gotten better throughout the year, aside from his slump at the end of the regular season.  Trevor is constantly trying to lift up teammates and make sure that everyone is emotionally ready for every game.  Even though he’s only a rookie in the locker room he tries to make sure everyone is heard and knows that they are.  He strives to work hard everyday  to improve.  He also has a great relationship with the great city of Miami.  He wants to work hard to reward them for all the support they’ve given him, even in his slumps.  Taking him away from Miami is not gonna be an easy transition , but if a city is invested in him, he’ll invest right back in them.  Trevor also does have a gambling problem, thankfully he’s not in Vegas.  Though when he spends money on stuff other than gambling it it usually pays off and it helps him grow more.  He also seems to be very good at counting though occasionally messes up, I don’t even know how you do that.  I guess he’s focused too much on hockey and gambling.

Anyways, that’s it for Trevor, a sensational forward who feeds his teammates and will always strive to help his team and his city win.

Trevor Wallace celebrates his first career goal

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