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Another One Bites The Dust


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Another season, another missed playoff berth. This article is probably going to be quick since this was supposed to be done yesterday but I got lazy so... It's also probably going to be a bit of a vent? Well I'm commenting on how well I did this past season so at least I'll put out some good points.


We were honestly close to somewhat getting the franchise's first playoff berth at one point. Most of this season I honestly had hope that we might make it. Especially since it was Nygren's last season. Ultimately because LA voodoo magic, we missed out again. Which kinda sucks but, I'll probably be sticking around for next season. Coming off this one with nearly 700 TPE. Stats wise, this season was once again a step up from the last one. 9 goals, 54 assists for 63 points in 72 games. A 0.875 point per game pace. Defensively it was another thing. 216 hits thanks to my 94 checking and 179 shots blocked. For the majority of the season I was actually the leader for shots blocked. Until of course @Beaviss cucked me. At this point it was an inevitability for me to get cucked by Beav. If not someone else.


I honestly wish that things really start turning around. We have a better prospect pool, the best we've had as of late, and I'm heading into the prime of my career (if I'm not already in). I honestly think we have all the pieces we need. Maybe STHS can not be a bitch for one season so we can win games. Anyways, so sorry for this shameless attempt at earning TPE, I'll do something Vegas related this week I swear.


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