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Bana Blab #4


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It is Monday and time for all the wonderful things. I wrote my media spot yesterday and was in a weird mood. Not excited to go back to work and that made me feel a little burn when coming on to do my league stuff. Didn't have much to do with the league and mostly that stuff! HOWEVER, was a good first day back. Some minor things that are what they are, but sun was shining, the weather was gorgeous and I accomplished a lot to make my week a little bit easier and efficient. Lot's is going on in the league. Playoffs start. Some announcements. Some GM's stepping down.. let's get to the BANA BLAB!


  • @FrostBeard and @Jubis stepped down. Frosty was part of the Bears cup wins and core for a bit in the later 60's. We acquired him and almost immediately he became part of the family. What's even more special is that even though he left, he remained part of mine on here. We talk tons. How the world is. How he's doing. How I'm doing. Then, too, GM stuff. Great person. Easy going. I'll miss him in the role. Flip conferences and Jubis is also stepping down. VERY surprising. I expected him to be like me. Very passionate. Never leaving, lol. We've never played together on a team or anything but built up our relationship with some friendly shit talk. It was always fun poking the other person. We talk tons. I actually trust him a lot and have approached him with tons in the league. I don't like him stepping down - or either.
  • Bears in playoffs. Bears up 2-0. Shocking sim but I was jacked in the truck checking it out. I always expect the worst. Tomorrow is a massive day for the Bears and anything can happen. Calgary is an awesome team, built with good pieces and have an amazing goalie in @SlapshotDragon... I don't expect them to go down without a massive fight. Epic games - epic rivalry. The team is awesome! Good luck tomorrow.  :cheers:
  • Store purchases are changing in the off-season as per Quik's announcement earlier today. I've spoken about it twice in other places but I love the changes. For the longest time, you earned money and you saved, saved, saved for depreciation (which I rarely ever have done anyway). Money was nothing in this league and store purchases were probably barely used and very boring. This opens the door to more options, diversity and honestly, fun? I've always wanted money to be more valuable in this league and hold more meanings. It helps with boosting contract talks and their meaning, money overall, the player store is going to get a huge boost and it could even help with retention. 1% improved is 1% better. It's a good change. Well done to those people involved in bringing it forward and making it happen.


484 words.. F.. Good bye.

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