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VHL Crossword?


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I made a VHL crossword puzzle if you haven't figured that out yet. it took a long time to make even though it is so small. sorry that the quality is shit


this puzzle is obviously not for long-time veterans who know everything there is to know about the league, so don't attack me with it being "too easy" or whatever


thank u to @Hylands for off-handedly suggesting that someone make a crossword puzzle






solved puzzle:





sources for the clues


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Sweeeeeeet! I hope they give you the extra 12 uncapped for 12 free trivia questions too. Crosswords friggin rule, and this one has a great mix of easy, medium, hard. Thanks for the spoiler tag, imma try this one today

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Review: Such a unique idea! I like that you chose to do it easier for newer players. It gives new players a chance to search for answers and learn new things about the league they may not have found out on their own. I wonder if you could also make this into a word doc or PDF and that would improve the quality/ease for printing it out. Either way, such a good idea 10/10! 

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