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Struggles in Calgary? Cowboy Prout shits bed in new home


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Playoffs have started the best time of the year and the Calgary Wranglers have now played there first two games vs the Bears. The Wranglers being down 2-0 already here in the wild card I’ve noticed one thing about my player (Cowboy Prout) and I can’t help but think is how poorly I’ve been playing since they trade. 

The Calgary Wranglers have been nothing but just fun to be on I’ve really enjoyed the time so far. I’d like more production out of myself as SB and hits have taken a dive even which has been frustrating to see especially in this wild card series where I was hoping to have myself playing better and chipping in. I’ll have to work on getting myself better in the mean time then.

One thing I’ve noticed is we have a solid defensive side on this team and maybe not a lot of Defencemen production can result into this is my wild guess? I really don’t see why we can’t click together as we’re all pretty solid and have decent builds to where it should be effective enough. But again the sim is always gonna be the sim and you just have to hope for the best



Hopefully we don’t do bad as GM Jubis has announced he’s stepping down and we will search for a new gm in the offseason. I’m kinda sad to see him go as he took a chance on trading for me and has been nothing but great to deal with. I’d like to wish him well in life however. 

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