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Jan Hlozek Prospect Scouting Report


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Name: Jan Hlozek

Nationality: Czech

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 185lbs

Age: 24

VHLM Drafted: None

Current VCHS S77 Draft Ranking: 21st 

TPE: 176


S76 Team - Saskatoon Wild

S76 Stats - 72GP 13G 46A 59P -5 96PIMS 116SoG 146H 93SB


Czech defenseman Jan Hlozek is one of several under-the-radar players who started the VHLM season off slow before developing into their own. As the blueliner heads into both the VHLM and VHL drafts this off-season, here's a rundown of what you can expect everytime Hlozek hits the ice.


Scoring in bunches

Hlozek started his season with the Saskatoon Wild off slowly, registering only 1 assist in his first 10 games. However, the defenseman showed his ability to adapt to the new style of play and the smaller North American ice surface, and throughout the final two weeks of the season hit a point-per-game pace to finish with 59 points from 72 games.


The Czech blueliner showed an ability to consistently rack up helpers, but also managed to net four times in one game against the San Diego Marlins last week.


Physically ready

At age 24, Hlozek made his VHLM debut at an older age than most players. A mix of injuries and a desire to show his talents off at home meant that it took until last season for the Topolna native to decide to make the move across the Atlantic Ocean. With 146 hits thrown throughout the season and 96 PIMS to his name, Hlozek doesn't find the stereotype often thrown at European players, particularly undersized defensemen.


Ready to lead a team?

As journalists in Saskatoon found out at the start of the season, Hlozek's English is, at the moment, not up to scratch for him to be a leader at this current time. For interviews he often has to talk through a translator, although reporters for the Star Phoenix noticed that he had worked intensively throughout his debut season to improve his language skills. Few see Hlozek as a verbal leader, but he may be able to lead by example with his play, although scouts might be alarmed that he won't be able to show what he's capable in a postseason setting, given that the Wild missed the playoffs this season.


Can he play a shutdown role?

The Wild finished their VHLM season having conceded 301 goals in 72 games, the second-most of any team in the league. While these stats are skewed by the fact that the team didn't have a starting goalie for their opening four games of the season, it does raise concerns about Hlozek's ability to be a shutdown defenseman when required. He has shown glimpses of this, but it remains to be seen if he can balance his desire to get in the play and contribute on the scoreboard with his defensive responsibilities.

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