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Saskatoon’s Hlozek Heads Home for the Offseason


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Saskatoon's Hlozek Heads Home for the Offseason


Having not made the VHLM playoffs in S76, the Saskatoon Wild ended their campaign with an end-of-season presser to sign off a positive but frustrating campaign.


The Wild finished fifth in the Western Conference, although closed out the season with three straight wins to keep spirits high going into the break.


As players tidied up their stalls and said their goodbyes, for what may be the final time, both players and staff stressed that the strides made by certain players was the most encouraging part of a promising season.


Czech defenseman Jan Hlozek, who shone in his debut campaign racking up 59 points in 72 games, said that he was looking forward to a quick break back home before getting back to work in the offseason.


“It’s been a long year. It’s my first year away from home, so of course I missed my family, friends, so I’m looking forward to heading back to my village to spend time with them,” Hlozek told reporters.


With the bulk of the Wild’s roster set to head into the VHLM draft this coming offseason, the team could have a vastly different line-up heading into S77.


“I don’t know what will happen, but I’m hoping to be back here next season,”  Hlozek, who is slated to be a top round pick in the upcoming draft, concluded.

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