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Declan Wolf Scouting Report


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Name: Declan Wolf

Age: 18

Nationality: Germany/Poland

Born: Slubice, Poland

Height: 187cm (6'2'')

Weight: 91kg (202lbs)

VHL Draft Ranking: 2nd-3rd rounder

S76 Stats: (Saskatoon Wild) 1354912578_Screenshot2021-02-22205834.thumb.png.32690cb7c77cb9d0cac61d6243ed90a3.png



Goal scoring:

Declan Wolf has always been known as not only a dangerous sniper, but also in general a dangerous goal scorer and that's what he's best at. He can snipe the puck in the net from long range or close range. He can deke his way around the defenders and deke the goaltender. He can score from anywhere on the ice. He also knows every way that a goal can possibly be scored, which makes him a more dynamic goal scorer and different from other players.


Leadership ability:

Not many have talked about this, but Declan has been one of the leaders in the locker room ever since he joined the Saskatoon Wild in the middle of this season. Leadership is an underrated yet important skill to have as it not only helps you, but you can also help your teammates with it. It is a trait not many players have at a high level, but Declan Wolf does.


Defensive skills:

Despite being a danger in the offensive zone and a goal scorer, Declan also possesses really good defensive hockey IQ and knows exactly where he should be on the ice. He also has a big frame and knows how to properly use it to check the puck away from opponents. Declan is also really good at using his stick to his advantage, not only in the offensive zone, but also in the defensive in the ways of taking out passing lanes and stealing the puck from the opposing team.



Overall consistency:

During the past season for the Wild Declan Wolf showed incredible talent at times getting 3 points once including two goals and 2 points a total of three times, and other times he looked like he shouldn't even be playing. If we take those three games and count the points he got he has a total of five goals and two assists, totaling to seven points, which is over half of his thirteen total points. This is a huge flaw in his game that he needs to get sorted if he wants to become a key contributor in the VHL.


Self-belief and confidence:

Now, this is definitely an interesting one. Declan is often seen complimenting his teammates and telling them how well they are doing compared to himself, and also mocking himself. Believing in yourself is something that is absolutely vital if you want to succeed at the pro level, but is something that players gain as they get older and adjust to the new style of play and we can't expect full confidence from an 18-year old in his first season. Still, Declan has always had these problems ever since the first times we were able to see him play, so it most likely isn't about him adjusting to the VHLM play.


Quick overview:

Declan Wolf is a complete winger and a dynamic goal scorer, who can find a way to score from any spot on the ice while also being a very helpful player to have in the defensive zone with his above-average hockey IQ and good stick and body checking. He has also proven to be a prominent figure in the locker room and a team leader, who puts his team and teammates ahead of himself. This can sometimes be a bad thing though, as Declan lacks the ability to compliment himself and often only thinks about the bad things in himself and his play.

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