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Season over for Eagles


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Wild fall to Predators as playoff chances take a hit


The first VHL Season for Tom Eagles has wrapped up when his Calgary Wranglers lost 3-1 to the Seattle Bears in the Wildcard best of 5 series.


The season was an up and down one for Tom. He started off great logging quite a bit of ice time on the first pairing and was playing at a point per game pace which excited his team and fans. The good times did not last as about a quarter of the way through the season his production plummeted as fast as the recent gamestop stock.


With his reduced point production, his ice time also fell and by the end of the season he was playing lower minutes on the 3rd and 4th pairings. He still played fairly well with lower minutes and ended the season with ok stats.

Tom played the full 72 game season and managed 10 goals, 24 assists and 34 points on the season. He also ended up with a -3, 62 penalty minutes, 86 hits and 115 shots blocked.


“It was definitely a great start for me, I think teams didn’t really know how I played yet and it gave me the opportunity to do my thing “ Said Tom “ Once teams started scouting me and knowing how I play, that’s when my offensive production went down and I started to focus more on my defensive game. Overall as a rookie in the league, I think I played pretty well and ended the regular season strong”

We also asked Tom if he had any issues with his ice time throughout the season.


“ No, not at all. I am a team player and will give my 100% no matter how much I play “ Tom continued “ I was lucky enough to be given some first line minutes and I was able to produce, when my production fell it was the right thing to drop my minutes and have some of the other talented players on the team get some more ice time in order to help us to get to the wildcard. Whatever rumours the media are saying about me being disgruntled are completely false. I was 100 percent happy with my ice time and was lucky enough to get as much as I did as a rookie”


The Wranglers were also happy with Tom’s production and his attitude on and off the ice.


“ You don’t see very many high end prospects with his attitude “ Said a Wranglers coach “ He comes in, works hard and gives it his all. Whether you ask him to log 30 minutes a night or just 15, he never complains and just gets the job done. I wish more rookies were like this…there are some of those that act like drama queens when they don’t get ice time and we are happy Tom is not like that”


In the wildcard series, Tom, also had an OK performance logging 1 goal and 1 assist in 4 games.

We now look forwards to his Sophomore season and hopefully he can build on his rookie season and be able to produce at a higher level.

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Great overall write up! Liked the use of a picture as well. Good explaining how the overall season went, and the interview was also a good addition. Great media spot!


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