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Rookie Experience - Battre Sandstrom


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So we’re a little late into the season but technically it’s still the rookie season for Battre Sandstrom. This was the second overall picks rookie season and while he didn’t live up to his own expectations he seemed to have done well for someone coming right off of a junior campaign. Not having played a game in the big leagues, he walked into a locker room without a big presence on the back end. Sure there are some talented guys but not a clear cut number 1. With coming off being selected 2nd overall in the latest draft he had a lot riding on his shoulders. Was he going to be the one to take Prague back to the playoffs and maybe give them their first win in the postseason? 


Battre was selected 2nd overall and was projected to be such in the central drafting report. He was an offensive defenseman and could bring a spark to Prague's power play. Without a huge amount of awards under his name this was either a solid pick or one that wouldn’t really pan out. Sure he looked good on paper but were his stats going to translate well to the big show.


Battre is an offensive player who likes to be on the play and be on the score sheet. Despite having the best stats in the VHLM. He was able to bring a bit of leadership and offensive prowess to a team that lacks some of the finish required in the VHL. 


During the offseason Battre decided to up his strength conditioning and train for more defensive situations. His offensive, defensive and strength have improved and shows as he’s been blocking the most shots for his team. He’s light on hits but he’s not the most physical player. He also has been boasting an above average shooting average. One thing to note is that Sandstrom isn’t taking as many shots as he once did. When comparing it to other defensemen he’s at about half of their shots. 


Battre continues to progress at an increased rate and hopefully is a player that will become a future star. We’ll have to keep checking in on his progress, while he was touted to be an offensive player, we may see his defensive play come to be more of an all around player. With Prague becoming a younger team and the GM bringing more talented players into the fold via trades. Prague may surprise a few people in the upcoming seasons. 



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