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Onde Slackin'


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I've been slacking recently and I will be the first one to admit it. I could've had a better career if I stayed steadfast and on track in order to have a dominating career. Is it still possible to do? Absolutely it is and I decided I think it's the best time to start earning that sort of labour. It's time for Onde to shine and I intend to be a scary mofo come playoffs time. I'm here to win a cup in Vancouver. The people I've met here, the family I've brought over and every single fan of the Wolves deserves the best from me and I intend to prove that. Who doesn't want the best for themselves? I know I do.


Vancouver has been a fantastic city to me. Every single player I've had the pleasure to work with this past season. The rookies have all come in with a fire in their bellies. They're ready to compete and to compete heavily. Especially the players in Sosa and Zolnek who have been fighters since they came into the program. Both are impressive players to have under our umbrella of an organization. It's scary to consider that we may have the best prospect group in the entire league considering how impressive every single young man who comes in has a point to prove. Zolnek has reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo. Dude legitimately spent all his money on his training and is living in my house rent free. I told him, it's ok. Come just pay rent and we can split the bills. He accepted but the man is absolutely crazy. I've seen him training at 4 AM, sleeping then eating a breakfast provided by his nutritionist. I have big hopes for him. Hes the hardest working player in the VHL.


This is my third season in the league with teammate Venus Thighstrap. She has honestly been more then a friend to me in this league. She's been like family, especially since I came over from Sweden. She was a teammate of mine in Las Vegas as well which helped a lot. She brought me home for dinners and showed me around town and how the culture is here in North America which has been phenomenal. If there is anyone who I consider is captaincy material, it has to be Venus. I know shes considering hitting FA this season just to see the offers that are potentially out there in the league and I respect that completely. It's just a sad time for me considering I may be losing one of the best teammates I've had in a very long time. Maybe my best in my entire career. It's mostly since we played in the VHLM together and we've seen so much progression together. I guess what I'm trying to say is I hope she stays but if she doesn't, I hope its the best move for her and her family. She deserves the best and I hope she receives the very best in whatever she decides.


Lets go Wolves

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