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#AsktheBouch: Wild Card Series


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As the season comes to an end we once again sit down the Rookie Robert Bouchard of the Prague Phantoms as the team looks forward to the Wild Card play-ins in a series we like to call #AsktheBouch.


End of the season and the team placed fourth overall in the European conference and now will play a Wild card best of five play-off style series against Riga; What are you expecting from the Wild Card series?


RB: I am not sure how the rest of the team feels about playing Riga in the wild card but I am nervous. They are going to be a very good team in the future with a bunch of Rookies leading their team. They made some big moves before the trade making their team better and they have gotten the better then use most of the season. It could be a quick end to play-offs for us if we take them lightly. They are better then their record suggests.


With the season do you have finished off your rookie season with sixteen goals, twenty-eight assist for forty-four points. How would you sum up your rookie regular season?


RB: Well, It has been an up and down season compared to my final season in the VHLM so it has been tough on a personal level as I am used to leading a team and being the driving force that determines the teams success. So starting the season with around ten minutes of ice time really stunned my production but allowed me more time to develop a more rounded game. This would result in more ice time as the season progressed but playing second line center and one of the only few not being double shifted due to depth at center meant I was always limited in production during the season. Overall, I cannot be disappointed in the rookie season as I did score at .611 points per game rate through the whole season so can only look to build off of these numbers as I gain more experience and a larger role with the team.


As the play-off are already in full swing by the time this article will be published we will catch-up with Rookie Robert Bouchard as his play-off continues or as his season comes to a end as we will sit down to reflect once again in a series we like to call #Askthebouch.


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